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Like the cauliflower, broccoli is a sort of cabbage in which flowers have begun to form but have stopped growing while still in bud.
Budding is usually done at ground level, and often times the rootstock will send up shoots from below the bud union.
Plant the roots so the bud union or graft is 2 inches below the ground level.
These forms arise when cells are limited for nutrients and bud in a unipolar pattern, spreading through the medium in filamentous arrays.
If the mark is sticky, like tar or leaked biro ink, try a bit of nail polish remover on a cotton bud.
There's a fine line between standing up to your bud and bossing her around.
A bee that manages to jimmy open a mistletoe bud gets first access to an untapped store.
As the flowers are proterogynous anthesis was considered to comprise the period between bud opening and the abscission of stamens and nectaries.
The dormant oil is usually defined as a heavier weight oil applied in spring prior to bud break or in the fall after leaf drop.
In heavy clay soils, plant the rhizomes so the upper bud is no more than 1 to 2 inches below the surface.
Start grazing no later than the bud stage for improved utilization of the available forage.
If you start blowing off your bud just because of her new social circle, then you are the one who is betraying the friendship.
The U.S. muffed that opportunity to nip this kind of behavior, so destructive of the global marketplace, in the bud.
The aim is to nip any problems in the bud before they spiral out of control and lead to youngsters dropping out or underachieving.
Local bobbies are stepping up patrols in part of the West End to nip the problems in the bud.
A slanting cut allows moisture to run off away from the bud, which would otherwise rot.
At the base you may also have a bud that is known as the break bud.
By saying that the parties have agreed that he and he alone may be trusted, Kerry has nipped that in the bud.
The key to nipping negative cycles in the bud is doing recovery activities in the right order.
Whenever I grab my iPod headphones and have to untangle or untwist the cord, I end up with the right-side bud in my left hand, and vice versa.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The top, as the tip of a bud or the end of a leaf which is opposite the petiole.
Unitarianism was the canker that ate into the bud of the Italian Reformation.
From this bud is developed the first zooid and first serial theca of the colony.
The pond is edged by papyrus plants, which are alternately in blossom and in bud.
It is the colour of the bud when the peach begins to bloom, not the pink of the peach blossom so prettily tinted with yellow.
The leaves are peltate, and in the bud are folded about the end of the petiole after the manner of an umbrella.
Sepals 4, or rarely more, colored, the valvate margins turned inward in the bud.
Its nectaries are stored with sweets, and I fancy each opening bud keenly alert with conscious solicitude for its affinity.
Grew deals also with the vernation of leaves, and methods of bud protection.
The bud resembles a web-footed animal swimming, hence its name flor de pato, ducks flower.
Corolla 4-parted, rarely 3-parted, wheel-shaped, valvate in the bud.
The persimmon has only about ten days in which it will fall bud.
Petals either imbricated in the bud or valvate with the point inflexed.
But, as fate would have it, our little barney was nipped in the bud.
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