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The shotgun loaded with buckshot puts a lot of projectiles in the air with every shot.
The first row was armed with tear gas, the row behind with buckshot, rubber bullets and shotguns, and the last row with automatic rifles.
Each ISP car of the period carried a 12 gauge pump shotgun, loaded with buckshot and with slugs provided for backup.
A happy advantage of the.36 is that 000 buckshot makes a fine projectile and may be bought cheaply in 500 count boxes.
A new load includes frangible buckshot made by Remington's Disintegrator process that uses copper-plated powdered iron for the projectile.
To this end it was shot extensively with birdshot, buckshot and slugs on both static and moving targets.
The possible confusion is that No.4 buckshot and No.4 birdshot differ considerably in size.
The combination of weight, a very effective recoil pad, the pistol grip and Remington's LE buckshot makes recoil almost a non-issue.
In recent days, they have been peppered with them as if they were buckshot from a 12-bore.
But it is the advertiser who wants to fire well targeted bullets, not buckshot, that would be the most excited.
It is available in five handgun calibers,.223 Rem., and 12-gauge buckshot and slugs.
On its stock is tied a leather shell loop carrier filled with buckshot and slugs.
This was absolutely consistent with the time it takes a human body to spin away from danger to it, and with the buckshot pattern entry wounds found on him.
Full-power buckshot and slug loads are intended for big-game hunting.
The birdshot loads have already accounted for a respectable number of venomous Mississippi snakes and I even bagged a beaver with a well-placed charge of buckshot.
The application of the new Flightcontrol wad technology is being spread across the Federal shotshell line to include both tactical buckshot and standard lead shot loads.
There is no provision for full-auto fire, so each pull of the trigger results in firing one conventional 12-gauge shell containing a slug or a load of buckshot.
For close quarters battles, you can't go wrong with light machine guns, like the FN MAG and M249, or the man-stopping buckshot of the Pancor Jackhammer automatic shotgun.
The shotgun discharged, throwing buckshot shells into the air.
They are protected from nesting birds, rutting mammals, and wayward buckshot.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If there are any shotguns in the place bring two back with plenty of buckshot shells.
Can you work that camera of yours with a load of buckshot whistling by your head?
The stones carried varied in size from those as large as a buckshot to some the size of a marrowfat pea.
One barrel was loaded with a heavy charge of buckshot, and the other with a slug.
The buckshot from our smoothbore muskets flew too thickly for him, and he recoiled in astonishment.
Ef I had the feller here as was runin' it I'd give him a dose o' buckshot!
He examined the bullets with which Monte Cristo performed this dexterous feat, and saw that they were no larger than buckshot.
I watched again all last night in the same cover, gun in hand, double-charged with buckshot.
If he comes browsing about this farm, he might chance to run up against a charge of buckshot travelling in the opposite direction.
Our standard loading regimen was double-ought buckshot alternated with slugs, and we qualified on the range with both.
See, here's where a buckshot from your gun struck him in the side.
And Bob held out to him a handful of buckshot and rifle-bullets.
I was armed with my double-barrelled shotgun loaded with buckshot.
One day a big Indian came in when I was alone and asked for buckshot.
One had been struck by a ball on the head and a buckshot in the lungs.
They were buckshot cartridges, and, as Sergeant Wilson pointed out, the triggers were wired together so that, if you pulled on the hinder one, both barrels were discharged.
The stranger had, without assistance, bared his own shoulder, when the slight perforation produced by the pas sage of the buckshot was plainly visible.
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