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She danced with a brusque and determined attitude, and she spoke in the same sharp, brisk manner.
His writing was laborious, as he often confessed, hers brisk and often effortless.
Regular brisk summary hangings at the yardarms of the warships worked wonders.
Without a word, he stood, remounted his horse, a tall black Thoroughbred named Dancing Dream, and rode away at a brisk walk.
After reveille, you'll be treated to a Marine-style pre-sunrise breakfast, followed by a brisk 20-K run around the Green Zone perimeter.
Here crystal water, accompanied by brisk birds, carefree fish and ancient trees, flows through rocks, silent one moment and murmuring the next.
Strategically, too, Napoleon dazzled and overwhelmed his opponents with a series of brisk, bold manoeuvres.
Crews with ten engines spent more than two hours trying to bring the blaze under control as brisk winds fanned the flames towards homes.
Most favored activities are cycling on a stationary bicycle, brisk walking, swimming, and water aquatics.
The morning will begin with a chance to either relax beside a rock pool or head off on a brisk walk along England Creek.
It is a good idea to do some gentle jogging or brisk walking for ten minutes, followed by gentle stretches of the arms, legs and upper body.
He stared longingly outside, wishing to be out there among the people, taking a brisk walk in the city.
Silver framed glasses rested on the tip of her nose, her short hair being tousled by the brisk winds.
You could start off doing eight three-minute runs at a very fast pace, with one minute's brisk walk in between each.
Woolfe is an assured performer, and both the music and direction make for a brisk if light confection.
In brisk tall weather, the glossy leaves turn yellow, red, and finally russet brown.
She could here the birds scratching at the ground outside her tent, the leaves on on the tree by the door blowing in the brisk wind.
The expert master of ceremonies presided over this sale where he encouraged brisk purchasing.
Brown played the song at a brisk pace, imitating the piano blues so common in the jukes and barrelhouses of the South.
Working with a meatpacker in a neighboring community, the co-op has begun a brisk retail trade in beef halves, quarters and wrapped cuts.
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Evidently as brisk as he had been in the early morning, gramps bounced from his chair.
Then, after a word of explanation to Alvira, she set off at a brisk pace over the trail toward Cherry Lane.
She observed it skeptically but Zeke was quite brisk and cheerful about it.
Bobby liked to watch the brisk puffs as they hit, spread in a fan-shaped ruffle of dark water and skittered away.
Little by little the movement became faster and faster until they were spinning around like a pinwheel in a brisk breeze.
They were walking at a brisk pace, and Tom appeared to be talking earnestly.
The fishing-line was laid to dry, the sail was bellied out, and the boat ran swiftly on again before the brisk breeze.
This place is the great dept for woods known as Campeche, and drives a brisk trade.
Two days of brisk sailing over the white Bahama Banks brought us to bimini.
Oliver has gone for a brisk walk, to keep fit he said, as if it made any difference whether he kept fit or not.
The cart was moving at a brisk pace despite the apparently leisurely movements of the dak between the shafts.
It rolled into Saguache at the brisk heels of a bunch of horses just about the time the town was settling itself to supper.
Saguache, wide open for the occasion, was already brisk with an assorted population of many races.
In the 16th century it carried on a brisk trade with Lithuania and Prussia.
But the brisk, courteous person with the dividers and tape-measure is reassuring.
She's real quick at startin', Selma is, when she's shoved brisk from behind.
Let it stand by the fire to rise for an hour and a half, then make it into a loaf, and bake it in a tolerably brisk oven.
Chewink, or towhee comes the brisk call from wherever the busy bunting is foraging.
The sun, though up and brisk already upon sea and foreland, had not found time to rout the shadows skulking in the dingles.
I have heard my father say that trade was never so brisk as in 'forty-six, when they were down this way.
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