How to use bring it back in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "bring it back"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The players seem to have lost belief in themselves and only good leadership can bring it back.
There is one canister placed in the center of the map and each team must retrieve the canister and bring it back to their team's base.
The design was astounding and it made me weep inwardly that it would be so easy to bring it back.
But they didn't bring it back to pull the other people up and so it's like the devil take the hindmost.
Following several false starts in attempting to bring it back, the drama will finally be premiered in a webcast on BBCi in the spring.
The correct way to attach to a mooring is to put one line through the mooring and bring it back to the same cleat and side as it started on.
Putting it back in the bag will bring it back down to a holdable temperature.
It was over and I wasn't going to relive old memories to try to bring it back.
If they don't like it, they can bring it back for an exchange or refund on their credit card or receive their uncashed check back.
My companions and I are on a quest to retrieve the artifact and bring it back to the realm, at all costs.
I turned the heat down in my apartment a few days ago, and since then I've made efforts to bring it back up, but it's still not quite kicking in.
To regain mutual understanding, we attempted to make sense of this misalignment in 37 and 38 and bring it back on track.
I wish some publisher would get Dave to update it, and bring it back into print.
Now it has been rescued by the museum and will start a long, painstaking restoration programme to bring it back to tip-top condition.
Last year CSL used the permit system to reflag and rename the Australian registered and crewed River Torrens and bring it back to the coast as the CSL Pacific.
One day, I walked off by mistake with a lollipop without paying, and my mother took me by the hand and made me bring it back.
Since becoming Congress President in 1998 she has worked hard to renew the party, campaigning in three General Elections to help bring it back to power.
If you've dropped your mobile in water and find that it's dead as a dodo, here's an idea that could bring it back to life.
Bring it back to room temperature for at least an hour before cooking, and serve with a green salad tossed in olive oil, lemon juice and a touch of Dijon mustard.
James Price, Stirling ADD a dash of nail polish remover to bottles of clogged-up nail varnish to bring it back to life.
Examples from Classical Literature
Pick up the Heart o' Dreams mail and bring it back to Huddleston, and meet us on the wharf at nightfall.
Suppose we could put a rocket on the Moon and bring it back?
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