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I don't know how many times I've avoided harsh braking or slowdowns in the left lane because I've been cruising by in the right.
Turn in is immediate and roll free, although braking while approaching a corner can be a bit snatchy.
The situation appears particularly severe where vehicles are braking on the paving.
Some pedal feedback and noise is normal during panic stops or when braking on wet or slick surfaces.
Seat belts are necessary in case of accidents, such as braking to a sudden stop.
Older vehicles used brake drums but with the need for more secure braking and safety systems, car manufacturers have turned to disc brakes.
The wheels are fitted with dual circuit hydraulically operated disc brakes and anti-skid braking.
In this mode, the vehicle senses when increased engine braking is required and automatically schedules a downshift.
We would like to see traffic calming measures, such as special surfaces that decrease braking distances.
Poor braking distance judgement is a sign of bad driving across the board, at any speed.
This implies that the marginal effect of higher speed on braking distance is increased when the road is wetter.
Hybrids work by using the braking power to spin a dynamo which charges a battery.
It's better to judge braking distances and use rolling resistance and the gears to help you slow down.
The only thing I noticed was the engine braking which dragged the car slower when I took my foot off the accelerator.
Once disengaged, the braking mechanisms function independent of each other.
It may be a bit difficult on the first run through when you have to judge braking distances but I'm sure we'll be on the pace.
To detect hard braking or cornering, the system uses an accelerometer that detects high g-forces on the vehicle.
As braking takes place, energy is captured with the flow of oil from the low-pressure tank to the high-pressure accumulator.
She hit the first small straight and accelerated hard, upshifting, then braking to send her car sailing through a set of hairpin turns.
The powershift transmission also offers upshift and automatic four-wheel-drive braking when in two-wheel drive.
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All at once his hands and mind were busy with the braking rockets, dials, meters.
It was too high, moving too fast despite the lavish waste of braking power.
But a moment later the braking rockets did flare briefly, yet still too long.
Soon, the thrust would be needed in reverse, for braking action, near the end of the sixty hour journey into a circumlunar orbit.
Also, we'll need a nuclear charge to throw us into a braking ellipse.
The simulator tests yaw, camber, and response to braking, jouncing, vertical acceleration, and lateral acceleration.
The focus in hydraulic brake systems is on short braking distances, durability and comfort.
Technological advancements have revolutionized the braking system in various transportation industries.
Finally, the EWB is not only for braking while the vehicle is moving, but also can be used as an automatic parking brake.
The ship drove down toward the planet, braking fiercely now.
Telemeter control from Alpine fired the first braking rockets.
Walt's car, braking shrilly, hurtled past her and was lost in the night.
They dropped quickly, braking through the atmosphere, riding it down.
Depending on brake system specification and the level of integration, Delphi says an MTB system can be made up to 7 kg lighter than a current braking system.
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