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The atmosphere is one of bonhomie and hundreds of onlookers, unmindful of the heavy downpour, savour every moment of this unique ritual.
Although he had been here less than 24 hours, Sam knew this jovial bonhomie on Howell's part was unnatural.
The bonhomie and integration of the new squad were also most evident at the post-match meal.
He's a natural salesman, whose secret weapon is the sheer confidence and optimism that he exudes rather than backslapping bonhomie.
The general spirit of bonhomie and celebration lifts even curmudgeons like me over the worst stretches of inanity.
So the good natured banter and dressing room style bonhomie had been shattered by a traitor in our midst.
There is always a sense of artificiality, of distance maintained, of forced bonhomie.
So was John an enlightened despot, beneficently overseeing a realm of unparalleled tolerance and bonhomie?
It is a country where acquaintances embrace when meeting and strangers are greeted with warmth, bonhomie, and a demitasse of rich coffee.
The chorus of sailors and passengers radiates sunny bonhomie, singing and dancing crisply.
There is after all nothing like a few days decent sunshine to unite this sun-starved nation in bonhomie.
A friendly local crowd who speak English add to the jovial bonhomie and everyone seems to know your name.
A kenspeckle figure in Scotland, Morrison networks effectively with bonhomie and chuckles.
Instead he plays Arthur as a terrifying yet avuncular figure, apt to switch from jovial bonhomie to murderous rage with lightning speed.
Their brand of boisterous bonhomie and quirky humour is in short supply here.
The 300-year-old inn exudes bohemian bonhomie and is one of the best loved in Puerto Rico.
In a rare show of bonhomie and good humour, he talked about life as a writer and indicated that this might be his last book.
The front-of-house man may have been underworked, but he oozed bonhomie and competence without ever threatening to become over-attentive.
In contrast to the India-Pakistan matches in the past, the current series exuded bonhomie.
The warmth and bonhomie shared by Telugu film world's biggest stars was something that is to be seen to be believed.
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My word for it, it has been a fine comedy, this bonhomie of mine, this hail-fellow well met.
The two men bowed, Richard with reluctancy, the Captain with easy bonhomie.
Hanna is famous for his bonhomie, and is a fine story-teller.
His manner was full of bonhomie now, and had no trace of affectation.
His address is frank, and his whole manner noticeable for bonhomie.
There was a good deal of bonhomie and pleasantry in his conversation.
And yet she was so good-natured, so full of fun and bonhomie!
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