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Sentence Examples
The object is a personal digital assistant capable of supporting field commanders and bolstering their memories.
Along with bolstering savings, workers are looking to microbusinesses as a hedge against the risk of layoffs or pay cuts.
With Celtic bolstering their strike-force, it is the Rangers rearguard which could have the key to the title.
Bolstering that view, simple models of the heliosphere require that the magnetic field intensifies in regions where the solar wind slows.
Corporations are bolstering profits by underpaying workers at the very bottom.
Both Bachmann and Pawlenty should have to answer for bolstering that respectability.
While these peons can be whipped into fighting shape, bolstering diminished ranks or supplementing healthy ones, the citizens of each village slowly repopulate the town.
Ward also tossed around the idea of bolstering the purses of maiden races so owners of winning horses that break their maidens see a good return on their investment.
The wanderer ventured forth into the eternal pass of cragged rock, worn with lines of age, yet stalwart and strong with thick trunks of stone bolstering the walls.
Pinter himself and later critics generally credited Hobson as bolstering him and perhaps even rescuing his career.
Is it regime change or bolstering a political process in Geneva?
The organization, formed by Moses Sonko, a Gambian located in America, has been bolstering health and education in the Gambia for the last 7 years.
Far from displaying the nation's unity in time of war, the scheme backfired, often aggravating class antagonism and bolstering prejudice about the urban poor.
Through these initiatives, in addition to bolstering the state economy, contractors are reusing and recycling products used for bridge construction and repair.
Bolstering that hour was a priority for the network, and not just because it gives affiliates a stronger lead-in for local news.
Examples from Classical Literature
They're bolstering it up somewhat, so as to keep on hooking tourists, I presume.
I hate the being suspected of fishing for a pedigree, or bolstering one up with false statements.
She was asking Petrarch to do her an inestimable service by bolstering up her third-rate university.
And with that bolstering thought he brought his head up sharply.
Unconsciously he has been bolstering up the eventual Renaissance.
It is the most primitive way of bolstering one's limitations.
For this is one of those disheartening instances where truth requires full as much bolstering as error.
The guide watched Kiouni, who slept standing, bolstering himself against the trunk of a large tree.
On relations, Villegas called for bolstering ties within all possible domains especially within the commercial and economic spheres.
When grafts are placed on surfaces that are inherently immobile, stable, and well vascularized, bolstering with a stent might not be required.
In reciprocation, the former French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, paid an official visit to Kuwait in 2009, thus bolstering the strategic partnership between the two countries.
Beijing said America's strategy of bolstering its alliances by sending more ships, planes and troops to the region frequently makes the situation tenser.
These events only strengthened the disaccord between the two groups of community bolstering fears of the possibility of the ethnic conflict in Estonia.
Brazil Minister of Communications Ricardo Berzoini announced that the project is being established for bolstering quality and affordable internet broadband.
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