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Her sharp cheekbones blunted themselves, and her nose was once again too narrow, the chin round and stubborn.
Further multilateral agreements to control nuclear weapons were both welcome to CND and blunted its cutting edge.
Take Prozac and your emotions are blunted and obsessive thinking is suppressed.
Thus, freedom of speech is converted from a human right into a tool of oppression that must be blunted by force.
By the time you're downstairs all enthusiasm has been blunted somewhat, and you hit the streets with a slight feeling of irritation.
During the rigged tournament, Claudius and Laertes give Hamlet a blunted sword while Laertes' weapon is sharpened and poisoned.
A blunted erythropoietic response to physiologic stimuli has been noted in critically ill patients.
I dropped my tool on its point, which blunted it, so the left side is less worked and detailed than the right side.
It has blunted sporadic attacks from politicians, but its government funding is periodically threatened.
Anhedonic alcoholics may have blunted cortisol response to psychological stress.
Six years away from the pressurised tracks of Europe doesn't seem to have blunted his competitive edge.
In the middle of the well-worn floor stood two of their number, wielding blunted swords that had been scaled specifically to their size.
Rising home values have propped up a stagnant economy and blunted criticisms of otherwise disastrous economic policies.
Northern-dominated government may have blunted the appeal of the development discourse among the majority of south-eastern voters.
The difference between string timbres and percussion timbres is intentionally blunted here.
Likewise he can speak out on environmental issues unencumbered by the focus-group fudges that blunted his election campaign.
Thoughts of heaven merely blunted the urge for revolution by its promises of future blessedness.
He watched in disbelief as the attack was so quickly blunted.
American criticism, meanwhile, is blunted by the U.S. need to maintain its major military base in Qatar.
Whether the chemical is alcohol, narcotics, cocaine, or nth-generation selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, their effects tend to become blunted over time.
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Examples from Classical Literature
His uneasiness, his exasperation, his scorn were blunted at last by all these trying hours.
But time and excess, that have quickened his grosser senses, have blunted his imagination.
The baronet took down a pair of light, edgeless blades with blunted points.
They had, in effect, a ready-made craft not unlike a canoe with blunted bows.
His feelings had become so blunted that he did not care how soon he was shot in the back.
It is a wrong to whose acuteness we are blunted by familiarity.
Then everyone saw that it was a blunted gray goose shaft, with a fine scroll, about the thickness of a goose quill, tied near to its head.
Morality is blunted by consorting with the Dead who are alive.
John's river, some quartz crystals with their edges blunted from attrition, and mixed with gravel on the sea-beach.
Tom had been lying two days since the fatal night, not suffering, for every nerve of suffering was blunted and destroyed.
The physician held up his head as he spoke, in protest against any assumption that his sympathies had been blunted by his profession.
I suppose he blunted them gouging nuggets out of the gold fields.
He has blunted the blade of his penknife and broken the point off by sticking that instrument into his desk in every direction.
Their shields were made of osier twigs, and their javelins were blunted.
Before 1872 the keenness of Northern radicalism was blunted.
Should tools be seriously blunted or broken they must be reground.
The sensibilities of the class you are attacking are soon blunted.
Some of the finest intellects in the world have been blunted by liquor.
A blunted peak and a low black line, from the glittering waste of snow.
His own offence counted as naught, so blunted was his moral sense.
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