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Because the barrel's end is hollowed out, saving weight, the end is blunt rather than rounded.
He sighed and rested the blunt end of his broadsword against his shoulder, gazing sightlessly around the battlefield.
He took a long time, and when he got back in the car, he wanted me to chill while he rolled a blunt.
Several others, including two drivers, sustained lacerations after being beaten with blunt instruments, but were not admitted to hospital.
Both Neil and Mark need to listen to some blunt expert advice if they are to launch beauty products that the customer finds attractive.
Until the 1840s, screws had a flat or blunt tip, which necessitated drilling a lead hole first in order to start the screw.
Of course, our stoner friend is caught blood-red handed while trying to roll up the blunt.
The blunt portion of it was thick and looked like it had to weigh at least two hundred pounds.
There's one track I'm sure will be a cult favorite, in which he advises the listener on the proper way to smoke a blunt.
Among the general population, persons coming of age since 1990 have been getting involved primarily with marijuana, often as a blunt.
Like the man and his films, his commentary tracks are honest, informative, entertaining and sometimes blunt.
Hold the oyster with a thick cloth and insert a blunt knife firmly into the hinges at the side of the shell.
Shovels, spades, and hoes hold up best with blunt cutting edges, since they are used for digging.
The best you can do is to remove most of the substance from the carpet using a blunt knife.
The scans showed that only brain areas associated with the sensation of touch were activated when volunteers were touched with blunt needles.
My pencil was blunt as I was not allowed sharp ones in case I deliberately poked my self in the eye, or something.
We don't often shill for things on these pages, but when we do we're blunt about it and go all out.
The common abdominal injuries after blunt trauma are those to the spleen, liver, and kidneys.
The county medical examiner said the boy died of blunt force trauma, a fractured skull and bruised brain.
All blunt orbital trauma should be taken seriously even when an injury is apparently trivial.
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Examples from Classical Literature
It has a soft, unsegmented body about half an inch long, provided with numerous blunt lobes which give it a very irregular shape.
Arms about three times as long as broad, twice as broad in the distal half as in the proximal half, with rounded blunt ends.
He took the axe from her, and ran his thumb along the blunt and gapped edge.
At any rate, the huge craft came curving around in the air, and its blunt nose started spewing out a jetting ribbon of red flame.
But the English, when translated, was bald and blunt to the verge of offensiveness.
There is a small blunt spine or process projecting from the ventral aspect of the prothorax.
Our autobiographer gives us a plain, blunt, not to say bald record of what must have been an interesting life.
It will blunt the keen edge of sorrow, and smooth the asperities of adversity.
One of them gave me his spear, which was very blunt, and I sharpened it for him.
Fig. 396 shows the ileo-colic junction and the short blunt ccum of the harbor seal, Phoca vitulina.
Every figure was painted after nature with blunt and rigorous sincerity, and no anecdotic incident was devised in it.
The odontoid process of the axis is short and blunt, or may be completely wanting.
It rather resembles a group of exaggerated sandhills, rising at one point into a blunt pyramid, the ziggurat.
Serrations of beaks blunt and peglike, moderately developed on both beaks, but slightly stronger on lower one.
But your Majesty knows me as a blunt man, when I serve him not as diplomat, but as friend.
The cultivation of the taste for savouries seems to blunt the taste for fruits and the delicate foods.
The yelling Indians had had their blunt warning and now scurried for cover.
The mountain consists of a double top, the one pointed very sharp, and commonly appearing above any clouds, the other blunt.
But the wood was hard, and the knife was blunt, and charlies fingers were very small.
And what is this bossiness around the grate but some blunt, black-leaded garland?
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