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Taking backsights is a way of detecting errors and blunders in reading instruments.
They need to be told that they will not become criminals because of the department's bungles and blunders.
Brown's police cryptographer Sophie, a native Parisian, hugely blunders in claiming that Paris was founded by the Merovingians.
Medical malpractice and other blunders are rewarded with huge settlements often in the Millions.
At the start of the new millennium, the corporate world witnessed major fiascos and ethical blunders.
As a matter of fact this whole rising, if it could be called that, was a succession of blunders, mistakes and errors.
History books tell us that wars are messy, chaotic and even nations fighting just causes make horrid moral mistakes and battlefield blunders.
If her opponent blunders, or if she comes off as equally capable, her campaign will get a big boost.
Ma chose to defend his department chiefs rather than administering reasonable punishments and sincerely apologizing for the blunders.
Other blunders interfere more with the visual integrity of the building than its structure.
And despite her share of legendary blunders, she still manages to have the world at her feet.
Her exalted position did not stop her from committing the sort of blunders which would have embarrassed even a political greenhorn.
Political blunders and economic follies are depressing the Japanese economy.
It is an antiquated system where blunders are easily committed and just as easily covered up.
The magazine gleefully lit into its competitors in its May 14 issue, but it makes its own share of blunders.
Although he does a great job commentating on a fast and unpredictable sport its the blunders and one liners he will be remembered for.
We may, as spiritualists, try to explain our memory's failures and blunders by secondary causes.
The most common blunders include being late for the interview, dirty finger nails, slouching in the seat and having a wet, limp handshake.
But if a referee makes a catalogue of horrendous blunders, who's going to take him to task?
She could not forgive the nimiety of blunders and Carmen offered no apologies.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I have seen some splendid blunders of that kind when I sat in the lower house!
God will not justify him, if he has a bad conscience or blunders in his philosophy.
Hugh Marsden's blunders and large-handed awkwardness were always provocative of mirth, and he took all in such good part.
And an aurist wastes time, and most likely blunders, when he applies himself to treat eye-diseases.
John of Skye is cock-a-hoop upon the occasion, and I suppose has made fifty blunders about it by this time.
One of the most curious pictorial and antiquarian blunders may be seen in Vallancey's collectanea.
Hertford had twice been called in to retrieve Surrey's military blunders.
But no one is sorrier than the bishop himself when he blunders.
One of their favourite blunders is an amazing sort of bathos.
After an air ball and a couple of blunders, players started feeding him the ball.
I cannot imagine such a congeries of blunders as a war for the Poles.
He tried, in various ways, to entrap the boy, but Frank made no blunders.
These blunders culminated in a ghastly mistake on the field.
The queen was just one of that sort, and was always making the stupidest blunders by reason of it.
Wragge's blunders, as if the sole object of her existence had been the successful completion of that one dress.
The night mitigated the blunders of his temperament, it seemed.
Unitarianism blunders alike in regard to the Trinity and the Duality.
It is at this point that we perpetrate one of our commonest blunders.
There may be some blunders, some bad steps, some untactful work.
Once again, it was a banner year for blunders and boners, flubs and fluffs, gaffes and goofs, slips and solecisms.
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