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In cold-winter climates, prune precocious magnolias in summer after they've bloomed.
As my health bloomed, I also saw many positive changes in my family's health as they gradually embraced this way of eating.
His hallucinatory illustrations for the mystic had a direct impact on the psychedelic art that bloomed a few years later.
His soft pink lips bloomed into a sickening smile which drove everyone, well, the girls anyway, crazy.
Light bloomed along the weal left by the ice-lash, then scattered, the long mark untouched.
It would be some time before it bloomed and lit up the cliffs with its yellow-flowered prodigality again.
Colour bloomed in Kitten's cheeks and hands, a healthy pink that suddenly made her look like a normal child.
Her cheeks bloomed in the light of the candles, and she nodded her head towards the girl behind her.
Flowers grew in colorful disarray along the sides, and the late trees bloomed with light, colder looking colors.
I was sure my cheeks bloomed with colour almost immediately and I felt the blood rush up to my head, making my neck burn.
I stood there, agape, as a ball of light bloomed in Diana's chest and gradually enveloped her.
Reflections of white light from a bloomed lens then appear to be faint purple.
We have a 2-year-old Texas mountain laurel that is putting on some spring growth but has never bloomed.
We have two Crocus that have bloomed and the Primulas are putting on a brave show of colour.
The Orchard County had bloomed in spectacular fashion and delivered the finest crop in its history.
When the buffalo berries bloomed we knew that the buffalo bulls were leaving their winter grounds for the summer range.
Sure enough, early the next summer, the spiraea's fluffy white flowers bloomed in concert with the daylily's clear yellow trumpets.
Dark clouds ribbed with lightning bloomed from the west, and the approaching norther forced a retreat.
Cartophily bloomed in the early part of the 20th century as cartophily shops and clubs were formed to support the popular pastime.
Calla lilies, iris, geraniums and hibiscus bloomed here as well as a variety of other plants.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Not a single peach blossom survived but three filberts bloomed with only slightly more than the usual amount of catkin killing.
I was so impressed with its beauty that I took it from where it bloomed in the seedbed and planted it at my house in the garden.
And where'er the swallows flew, and where'er the roses bloomed, he was famed and revered and beloved, and his songs were sung.
Collecting a few bundles of the narcissi that bloomed abundantly about the cottages, he sent them to Covent Garden Market.
He loved them, and they responded to his love and bloomed and bore for him.
Is this the same Viola who bloomed fairer than their own Idalia under the skies of Greece?
Her roses bloomed all the year and her sociability increased with her row of prizes.
Elise bloomed in this congenial atmosphere and did not look like the same girl.
After the plant has bloomed, the top may be cut down, and the box set in a cellar and kept moderately dry.
The little garden, where only marigolds still bloomed, was already hooding itself in shadows.
These once bloomed in the island gardens of the blue Aegean.
She had bloomed like a royal rose in the days of serene rest at Soledad.
And the way Harry bloomed upon this background of dubious antiquity!
He literally bloomed so from this exploit that he could afford radiantly to assent.
The May days crept away in a sweet succession and the shores of Four Winds Harbor greened and bloomed and purpled.
She had always a new bonnet on, and flowers bloomed perpetually in it, or else magnificent curling ostrich feathers, soft and snowy as camellias.
And so the flower of Eden has bloomed, likewise, in this old, darksome house to-day.
And, round about his home, the glory That blushed and bloomed Is but a dim-remembered story, Of the old time entombed.
She continued with her foster parents and bloomed in their rude abode, fairer than a garden rose among dark-leaved brambles.
Rosebud, if a Cowslip opens three leaves in one day and four the next, how many rosy leaves will there be when the whole flower has bloomed?
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