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The earl of Devonshire being interested in the blood of York, that was rather feared than nocent, remained prisoner in the Tower.
The sympathetic nervous system, not white blood cells, is critically important in the regulation of energy expenditure and thermogenesis.
The drug is used to lower blood pressure but may have the reverse effect in some patients.
The sympathetic nervous system regulates blood flow and perspiration.
The beauty of the sun god, Shamash, shone in his face, and the courage of the storm god, Adad, was in his blood.
Others, alas, had an instinct towards artificiality in their very blood, and became adepts in counterfeiting at the first glimpse of it.
He wavered on his feet from adrenaline aftershock, blood loss, and from the fact that he was ruined.
However, having more than normal levels of CO2 in the blood does not seem to adversely affect dive behavior.
The amount of alcohol in his blood exceeded the legal limit.
The hospital staff transfuses more than 8,000 units of blood annually.
The test is used to detect the presence of alcohol in the blood.
Because blood type O negative is compatible with anyone, it is often overused and in short supply.
Whenever possible, the AABB recommends that O negative blood be conserved by using blood type testing to identify a less scarce alternative.
Objections to blood transfusions may arise for personal, medical, or religious reasons.
For example, Jehovah's Witnesses object to blood transfusions due to their belief that blood is sacred.
This can be due to several reasons, such as patient safety, economic burden or scarcity of blood.
If successful, such a blood substitute could save many lives, particularly in trauma where massive blood loss results.
In the realm of medicine, calculus can be used to find the optimal branching angle of a blood vessel so as to maximize flow.
As the blood flow diminishes, the cells within the gonads die and dehydrate.
Families were based on blood ties or adoption, but were also political and economic alliances.
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