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Sentence Examples
Webb's sharp script is laced with a rapier wit that is blacker than the Dark Ages.
We awake to hissing, bruise-coloured curtains of rain sheeting over the decks, the sky blacker than a preacher's gown.
But even the black humour that laced the episodes seemed to get blacker and less humorous as the series went by.
The pines are now taller and blacker and the glossy mounded foliage of native shrubs covers the banks of cuttings more densely.
Tuning down the brightness to make the blacks look blacker loses shadow details in other parts of the image.
From here on in, things get blacker, more humid, and even compellingly cinematic.
Shampoo containing allantoin can prevent hair from furcating, and make hair softer, smoother, more flexible, blacker and shinier.
The ink could be made blacker by adding iron or iron oxide directly.
His biography of his father was published as a 'Life of Charles Blacker Vignoles.
In Dan Wells's book A Night of Blacker Darkness, John Keats is portrayed in a comedic tone.
Examples from Classical Literature
He was about the same height as the first man, but he was younger and his eyes were blacker.
A constant sense of gloom is settled like a pall over the whole building, blacker even than the soot and grime which encrust it.
The interior was dark, blacker even than the thick darkness of the night outside.
The sky, the crater, the black shadows etched against the blacker night bespoke the alienage of the universe.
To offset this benefit, his arm was now blacker than ever and rapidly swelling.
If he returns to darkness, his darkness is blacker and guiltier than before.
Deeper came the line between his brows at that, and blacker grew the scowl.
There was the smoke coming up, thicker and blacker, from the edges of the hatch.
Then the wintery heavens had been blacker and the stars brighter, now both sky and stars were dimmer because more light.
Poor perfecta speaks frequently of this cloud, which is growing blacker and blacker, while she becomes every day more yellow.
It is like a fire that flares up brilliantly for a while and then leaves everything blacker and bleaker than before.
The island toward which the Sabah was making her way seemed blacker and denser than its more frivolous neighbors.
And still went up that column of smoke, and thicker and blacker it grew a-top, and ruddier amidmost.
It was made blacker by the wreath of leaves that encircled her head.
It grew darker and darker and blacker and blacker, while I struggled with those awkward sixth-century clothes.
The diamond chosen is a black diamond, the blacker the better.
Never had Burns been in a blacker mood, and never had he better cause.
The blacker and denser the precipitate the better is the solution.
The smoke was blacker now, and the flames could be seen more plainly.
But what is the edging of blacker smoke that hangs along its lower side, and which you may trace down into the thicket of hazel?
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