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The advocates of this theory were correct in stating that a black wall would be warmer than a red or brick-coloured one.
The art of cutting paper into decorative designs, known as Scherenschnitte, combines intricately patterned scissor and knife cuts on black and white or colored papers.
It is a common superstition that a black cat crossing your path is bad luck.
The result, of course, was the Model T, a light, tough, accessoryless black box on wheels.
No flaming flower relieved its black achromatism although that tree had been known long ago to burst open with a three-hour glory.
Great Britain were captained by Welshman, Clive Sullivan who was the first black player to captain any British national sports team.
A short black wire connects the computer's monitor to its keyboard.
Lionel's first tinplate reproduction of a standard Gauge locomotive was a black 2-4-2 steam engine with three red passenger cars.
Woke up feeling illish and to my despair found it was pouring with black, cold rain. It all looked depressing and dingy.
She thought about the color black, the nature of blackness, and the in-betweeny shades therein.
Norwegian black metal has been an influence in world music since the late 20th century.
Controversial events associated with the black metal movement in the early 1990s included several church burnings and two prominent murder cases.
Then dots of white and black told him there were cattle of other colors in this inclosed valley.
From there, it was most likely carried by Oriental rat fleas living on the black rats that were regular passengers on merchant ships.
Colors such as black lettering on an international orange background are common and are easily visible in most conditions.
At her funeral on 28 April, the coffin was taken to Westminster Abbey on a hearse drawn by four horses hung with black velvet.
Though the black population was reduced by the Great Migration, since 1965 there has been a reverse migration of blacks returning south.
According to the Pew Research Center, the state has the highest concentration of black and white interracial marriages.
The first printing used a black letter typeface instead of a roman typeface, which itself made a political and a religious statement.
Some well-mounted heads of deer and one of an enormous black javeli projected from the walls.
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