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The use of limestone for the water table, belt course, rusticated jack arches, and pilaster capitals is unique in Kent County architecture.
There is a higher proportion of young people among the Aberdonians than in the greyer-haired central belt majority.
Besides his own ingenuity, he used a tile setter's simple tools and a window washer's belt and buckle.
Driven by gears rather then a belt, it also has a telescopic wand to reach tight corners, no bag and washable filters.
The Oman Fault separates the Zagros fold and thrust belt from the Makran accretionary wedge in the east.
A box of quarrels for the crossbow that hung from his saddle adorned his belt, and the usual broadsword rode in its scabbard on his left side.
Jude tied his three gourds to his belt, then walked with a measured pace downstream.
The hydraulic power-steering pump is driven by the engine via a rubber belt that over time will wear out and become shiny.
He is presented with a belt whose clasp is ornamented with jargoon, a kind of yellowish stone.
The softly-spoken Aberdonian looks to the central belt as his ambitions to bring in new business kick in.
A jacket or cape moved from its original use and buttoned on the hips becomes a skirt, a scarf become a belt, a sarong a halter top.
It is driven by gears rather than a belt, and also comes with a telescopic extendable wand which means it can get into tight corners and edges.
A majority of these meteorites comes from collisions in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter.
Carole first wore the blue dress from chain store Reiss with a black belt to ascot two years ago.
With some styling under her belt, Tfank used her experience to build a career as a costume designer.
He would laboriously make his way from desk to loo, belt down a few, then return.
With ten years as a paramedic with Cumbria Ambulance Service already under her belt, Mrs Seddon undertook a three-year BSc degree to qualify as an emergency care practitioner.
The 1,300-year-old skeleton it came from was found in a small garden along with a knife, a belt and some pottery jars that would have contained provisions for the after-life.
Now they are a notch on a belt, and the savior can feel good about themselves.
In some instances, a tight belt or other poorly fitted clothing can cause nerve root irritation, especially in physically unfit persons with protuberant abdomens.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I have been carrying this bottle in my belt since yesterday, to drink a banzai in the enemys position.
He put the belt of his knapsack over his shoulder, and took his alpenstock in his hand.
A pouch or wallet depended from the belt, and a sheath containing two daggers, an anelace, and a misericorde.
If they had been going through an asteroid belt they would have been bombarded into oblivion.
Well, let him go out there and break his blasted neck on the asteroid belt.
According to the report of axel Oxenstierna, the king loosened the belt and let it go.
I have a bag at my belt, camarade, and you have but to put your fist into it for what you want.
If the baldrick hung with bells was worn out in parts, he cut those pieces away and turned the baldrick into a belt.
But he could see enough to know that the pirate carried a rifle and had a barong tucked into his belt.
Brace your belt, Watkins, man, and swing your shoulders as a free companion should.
It was designed for light field work such as cultivating but could also be used for belt drive.
There has been considerable difference of opinion as regards the comparative efficiency of chain drive and belt drive.
He had a peculiar habit of pulling his belt up to the last notch and letting it out again while talking.
One more notch Ill take my belt up, and after that you watch me toddle for that Paradise ahead.
She threatens periodically to burn the belt up and throw the old rifles out of the house.
They laughed at his notion of it, and Seth Barker sympathetically pegged his belt up one.
But at the time that he was firing the gun, a possibility from his belt up.
There were bands in most of the other counties, and in the counties of the black belt.
Lastly, the black grouse has a weakness for the heaths, especially in localities where a belt of timber adjoins them.
The company was a blue-chip mining operation working the beryllium-rich asteroid belt out of San Francisco.
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