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She walked back into the room, and then to her side of the bedchamber, and fell exhaustedly into a large bed.
The rich green against the blue smalt should make Warner's bedchamber look even more dramatic.
Edward ran a hand through his hair, disheveling it, as he entered his own bedchamber.
After wobbling in the Regency crisis of 1789, he was deprived of his position in the bedchamber.
He was made a gentleman of the bedchamber and employed on important diplomatic and military missions.
He was knighted, given the estates of the abbey of Wilton, and appointed a gentleman of the bedchamber.
But Erin only fumed at him, and when the king knocked at the door of her bedchamber, she didn't even answer.
She knew she would look a fright in the morning and could not even fix her hair as her bedchamber had no mirrors.
And reaching the king's bedchamber, she unrobed at once, and went into bed.
The queen's bedchamber sits daintily festooned with floral pinks and lilacs in a combination with gold, overlooking the south parterre.
She escaped to the solace of the dark bedchamber, easily finding the window bench seat without a candle.
She escorted Estelle to her bedchamber and administered a draught to relax her, watching over her until she faded into a comfortable slumber.
He took them up to their bedchamber, and settled her on their bed, removing her clothes and placing her under the covers.
When dressed he left his bedchamber and went to the dining room to eat his breakfast.
In the meantime, the only room that we know of here or in England completely treated with smalt is the Warner House's parlor bedchamber.
I have politely declined invitations to parties, and with pouty lips and a grumpy expression, I shall be retiring to my bedchamber at a sensible hour.
The corpse was moved from the private bedchamber to the tomb in a public procession not unlike that at a wedding, with the family marching in hierarchical order.
By the time Queen Victoria came to the throne, the crown's power had declined so much that the Queen found that she couldn't even choose her own ladies of the bedchamber.
Great aristocrats no more become gentlemen of the bedchamber out of subservience than they became grooms of the stool out of a desire to wipe the royal bottom.
She sat at the bench in the bedchamber, pulling the ecru lace pelisse around her shoulders nervously, listening to the rain slap at the closed shutters by the armoire.
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Examples from Classical Literature
The Shadow which lurks in every bridal lamp had become the Spectre of the bedchamber.
In Heaven's name, what think ye of getting him made a lady of the bedchamber?
I returned to my room, and approached the door of the Englishman's bedchamber.
The hall is on the west, adjoining it is the combination room, above, the Presidents lodging with a bedchamber over it.
Pliny describes a bedchamber in his villa warmed by the hypocaust and the tiles, with narrow openings.
Lady Lovat's bedchamber was allotted to her for all these purposes also.
I am in the front attic, which is the bedchamber to be preferred.
Our bedchamber was reached by means of ten broad stone steps.
Gathergold's bedchamber, especially, made such a glittering appearance that no ordinary man would have been able to close his eyes there.
I went into the Queen's bedchamber, but did not find my mother there.
Madame Beattie did not apologise for giving audience in her bedchamber.
The room itself was the shabbiest bedchamber Janice Day had ever seen.
His bedchamber is so encumbered with books that one can hardly move in it.
Fogg's bedchamber, both beating the same second at the same instant.
The indoor milkmaids, Marian and the rest, seemed to guess that something definite was afoot, for they did not force any remarks upon her in the bedchamber.
Blushing as red as any rose that she should have intruded into a gentleman's bedchamber, and for such a purpose, too, she was about to make her escape on tiptoe.
In a quarter of an hour I was ready to be taken up to my bedchamber.
Under the oaks, almost buried in them, stood a rough, unpainted cabin, the wide verandah of which, with chairs and hammocks, advertised an out-of doors bedchamber.
Nicodemus was given this lonely and ghostly den as a bedchamber.
In the third story, or guard-chamber, is a small recess with a loop-hole, probably a bedchamber, and in that floor above a niche for a saint or holy-water pot.
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