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If you're ever out with Pants, it would be wise to forbid him to order the Chili Fries.
Tal saw the light from the fire go out, and decided that it would be wise to return to his own hut.
In these circumstances a biographer might be wise to say as little as possible beyond the bare bones of recorded fact.
It would be wise to be wary of predictions and to beware of generalisations.
Would it be wise to encourage our students to exchange fact-based narrative for edgy commentary and digital trash talk?
Employers would be wise to look for ways to contain these costs, but there is not a silver bullet.
The Falcons would be wise to ease Vick into the lineup, but that will be tough because the fans want to see him sooner rather than later.
It might also be wise to consider other liver and kidney support herbs such as cranberry, burdock, and dandelion root.
Regardless, companies would be wise to let others take the initial plunge for at least six months while XP hardens in the marketplace.
Directors of horror and suspense films would be wise to check out Koi Kaze.
Unless you are used to North African flavours, you would be wise to start with very little cumin and cinnamon and the lightest hint of coriander.
It may be wise to actually close this place now, so that you can air out this room properly before the start of the next season.
In my vain yearning to refashion my self in the model of Nigella, I would be wise to consider several basic truths.
It would be wise to avoid all types of shellfish until you can consult with an allergist.
I doubt he intentionally called the woman, but I think it would be wise to reteach him how to shield his aura.
It may be wise to add peat moss or some form of compost to the dirt in the hole before planting the rose.
But for now, journeymen players and even certain stars would be wise to jump at their first acceptable offers.
If bad breath persists, it would be wise to consult your health practitioner.
While the solution to this mystery eludes us, the facts are evident, and we would be wise to adapt to them.
It may be worth noting that because caustic chemicals are used in hair dyes, perms, and relaxers, you would be wise to place your hair in the hands of a professional.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If the book is very heavy, it would be wise to line the back with duck or a flesher rather than with Canton flannel.
The future Burns will be wise to choose some measure more tripping and up-to-date than the stately and rumbling Spenserian stanza.
Would it be wise to invade this home just at this juncture and introduce boarders?
When the tumour is not likely to cause difficulty it may be wise to close the abdomen.
Perhaps it 99 would be wise to explain to mirabelle that he had once been a sinner.
With Mr. Tassers penetrant and suspicious gaze on him, he decided that it would be wise to avoid all seeming interest in Myron.
But I have to confess my knees rarely sink into those stubbly hassocks of prayer, though it would be wise to start soon.
He had indeed begun to wonder if it might not be wise to send some one out to explore the garden paths.
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