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Do not worry, young Alouette, you may be lost now, however just take the pendant and dowse, it will show you the way.
After all, speech is a dominant feature of our lives, and this very talk would be lost on you if it were to consist entirely of manual gestures.
It is the common rhetoric in the aftermath of wars that, with the war once won, the peace must not then be lost.
On the contrary, if the water potential of the soil is lower than that of the roots, water can be lost to the rhizosphere by diffusion.
At the same time, we are experiencing vulnerability on our own shores and grief for the innocent lives that will be lost on distant shores.
With surface application, however, much of the ammonia will be lost to the atmosphere.
After a restart or a new login, the sound configuration would be lost, resulting in no more sound.
We've developed a Heritage Skills Apprenticeship Program that preserves artisanal skills that might otherwise be lost.
The prime minister is afraid that his protestations will be lost in the synthetic public outrage that is being loosed by the Eurosceptic media.
But, if we continue to bury our heads in the sand then these opportunities will be lost.
Just when it seemed we were getting the go ahead, it looks like this opportunity might be lost.
Many such opportunities would be lost if the market for generic phonenames did not exist.
It would be a great shame for this opportunity to be lost, mostly on the grounds of increased traffic.
An opportunity will be lost, and proper democracy will remain just that bit further out of reach.
The logic that it was important for the two countries to stand together now appeared to be lost on no one.
If the tour were cancelled, a valuable opportunity to raise public awareness of the atrocious regime would be lost.
It is a pity that the sanctity of the festival should be lost with ersatz Santas luring people to malls.
Many of our soldiers, sailors and airmen will be lost or severely wounded many lives will be shattered as a very grave period awaits us.
Some of the substantial cost savings associated with this reduction may be lost if too extensive hand pruning follows.
India will be lost if the opportunity to serve the world with his message and teachings is lost.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Nothing that is fine in woman will be lost, nothing that is profitable will be sacrificed.
No time was to be lost, and measures were immediately taken to countervail these designs.
Nor should the fact be lost sight of that the tendency to produce bloat in alsike clover is much the same as in medium red clover.
It is said that this must be so, else the right of the habeas corpus would be lost.
We judged then that it must either be lost in decanting or remain in the first bottle.
But for such precautions, even the native wayfarer would be lost when six feet of snow cover the ground.
We judged then, that it must either be lost in decanting, or remain in the first bottle.
It would have been easy to let him get away and be lost in some night blizzard in the wilderness.
Off darted the newsboy, to be lost in the crowd on the other side of the street.
If I step on Kamba it will be lost in the sea, and Muaimbila shall rise to the sky.
If I step on Kamba, it will be lost in the sea, whilst Muaimbila would rise into the skies.
Besides which, the keyless mechanism being attached to the watch, the key can never be lost or mislaid, or worn out.
If the seized property be lost, the seizer shall compensate for the loss in kind or in value.
There wasn't a moment to be lost, she told him excitedly, like a child waiting to open her Christmas stocking.
Hence the clavicular arch may be lost, though the collar bones are retained in man.
But still a work had to be done in Lycaonia and Pisidia if the results of his labours were not to be lost.
The difficulty was to secure the towrope, while there was no time to be lost if the brig was to be saved.
But, if the ballocks be marred, the whole race of human kind would forthwith perish, and be lost for ever.
The beer is then to be tunned into well-seasoned casks, sweet and sound, or all the expense and labour will be lost.
There was not much time to be lost, as the eisteddfod had been fixed for a date only ten days ahead.
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