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Anyway, I made the empanadas and as soon as they finished baking, Rainman called to say he'd be late.
She was going to be late for work so she left without him and wasn't happy.
She was panting hard and her face was really red, like she was embarrassed to be late.
In the short term, it may be late to take advantage of the move in copper, aluminum and oil.
She looked at her watch several times as she was getting worried that she would be late for an important meeting with a client.
Even Chelsey claiming to be late for something and dashing off would be better.
I'd better hurry up, have my shower and get dressed or I'll be late for lunch.
They took the first class passengers to the diner for their meal since the train would be late.
Then she quickly got dressed and sped out the door when she realized she was going to be late for her appointments.
I'm going to be late for work, again so just make yourselves at home until I get in.
They knew they would be late, so they decided that they'd sleep in their van, which was in the car park.
The train may be flooded out tomorrow, though I expect it will just be late and slow.
Anyway, after a few tokes, I was able to think straight, and I figured Ron had taken my car so he wouldn't be late to work.
It seemed everyone was going to be late to work, miss a big meeting, miss a guest coming in from out of town.
That was at least until his wife came home, but maybe he hoped, because of the biohazard drill she would be late coming home tonight.
We're going to be late to meet my parents and my mother hates to be kept waiting.
The intrusion is cut by other igneous rocks of uncertain age which could be late Caledonian.
I sympathetically offered to explain to her professor why her paper would be late.
They finally, grudgingly, found a form letter they sent to commanding officers when members of the military would be late.
Now go take a shower, and no more monkey business or you'll be late for school.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Determined not to be late for work, she ran most of the way from the bus stop to the office.
So that, if you stay more than an hour in the moonraker's Inn, you'll be late for it.
For if he be late, even by five minutes, the outland King has bargained that he must die.
It is possible that the others may be late, since they have to come from Reigate.
It is the unforgivable offence in this house to be late at breakfast.
Determining exactly when the contributions are considered to be late is not always a simple matter, however, Cummings notes.
Steamie One women knew of a guy who, after phoning his wife to say that he would be late, went on to have a dalliance in his Daimler.
He said he'd be late as he wants to find something about his gyroscope.
I was detained at a concert, and Bartley telephoned that he would be late.
Then some member of the class would call to her excitedly, reminding her not to be late at the picnic luncheon, or begging her to be early at the class party in the evening.
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