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Sentence Examples
External warts can appear as small bumps, or they may be flat, verrucous, or pedunculated.
The oral melanomas are more likely to be flat and thin, amelanotic, and may be detected at a noninvasive or early invasive stage.
Britain's urban house market may be flat as a pancake, but out in the smarter shires, it's a tale of two very different sorts of properties.
The coat should be flat and dense, of a coarsish texture and oily nature, and capable of resisting water.
At the same time, it would be perhaps a bit rash to suppose that much smaller surfaces would fail to be flat as well.
It'd be funny if, after centuries of map projections, the world really did turn out to be flat because of the mountain and valley wrinkles.
I think I had a notion that, being part of the midlands, the county would be flat and uninteresting.
As I live in the country with three young children, a big dog and a pony, it has to be flat shoes or boots most of the time.
The suit should be flat against your shoulder blades, with no wrinkles on the rear.
In carpenter's heaven, all surfaces would be flat and straight, all vertical elements would be plumb and horizontal ones level, and all corners would be exact right angles.
The lower portion of the belt should be flat across the lap and as low as possible on the hip so that the impact is spread across the hip-bones rather than the abdomen.
Motor vehicle registration fees, vanity plate and title fees are also projected to be flat.
Police discovered the battery to be flat, with evidence that the car had been lived in.
The blades can either be flat for general use, or spooned for faster propulsion.
The working face of each paddle can be flat or cylindrically curved and wears the card cloth.
A very yellow or gold young white wine has probably oxidised and will be flat, ruined and unalcoholic.
Areas in the south and east of the city tend to be flat and fertile with some housing estates and industrial areas reclaimed from marshland.
The second rise is what gives the dough its final structure. It's especially important not to let the dough overrise, or your bread may be flat and dense.
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