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In general, the concrete overlays appear to be effective in decreasing the rate of concrete deterioration.
A high would reflect a method of user removal that would be effective in scaring or otherwise discouraging new users from joining the network.
Nor, indeed, does there seem any likelihood that such a system would be effective.
To be effective, multivitamin tablets need to disintegrate and dissolve completely.
Does an organization need ethical leadership in order to be effective and successful?
Buprenorphine also appears to be effective when used in detoxification treatment.
The arquebus was a matchlock weapon that used a trigger for the first and was found to be effective.
It must mean also that it has obtained whatever consents are needed to enable an assignment of rights to be effective.
Cleaning and disinfecting the holding pens between occupancy by groups of pigs might also be effective.
Clinical trials have not proved any drugs to be effective in preventing or treating atrophic or exudative age-related macular degeneration.
The lunatic fringe that vote for them are more likely to be effective in areas like that.
There does not appear to be effective preventative or deterrent measures to cope with this rise in attacks.
In such circumstances the sanction, or the threat of it, may not in practice be effective.
A paste made of the plant with cloves, sandalwood, musk and rose-water is stated to be effective in curing exanthemata.
Relying on a load of riders tally-hoing randomly across the countryside can't possibly be effective on any realistic scale.
For example, mild aversion therapy followed by positive reinforcement may be effective.
There is some evidence that antisecretory therapy may be effective in nonulcer dyspepsia.
Preliminary data indicate bacteriocins may be effective in reducing other foodborne bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia coli.
It works well only on young bagworms and must be applied between June 15th and July 15th to be effective.
Remember, baits will only be effective if there is no other accessible food around, for example dirty dishes, food scraps.
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Examples from Classical Literature
There is no insecticide that will be effective, because of the underground point of attack.
However the signal worked, radar or not, that should be effective in dampening the signal.
And on the home front, you'd have air-raid shelters that would be effective.
In order for a gift to be effective there must be a giver or donor, and a receiver or donee.
Finally, if you are unable to control an addiction to drugs or alcohol, inpatient care is more likely to be effective.
These are assumed to be effective by fermentative conversion into lactic and acetic acids.
That a fire door may be effective, it must be hung to the only opening in the wall.
If we wish to be effective intercessors, Leach said, we need to look at ourselves and our attitudes.
Should bloating occur, relief must usually be prompt to be effective.
However, the available data suggests that slow, small boluses of oxytocin in combination with uterine massage are likely to be effective.
To be effective all boards must address board leadership, board size, required skill sets, board member performance, and succession planning.
From this it seems to be inferable that a mere wish may be effective.
This would only be effective if there was unsated loan demand, which some doubt.
To be effective, scientific visualizations at NASA must improve understanding, enable communication, and enhance decision making.
But the most important thing is to be effective, it's not to dribble just for the sake of dribbling.
The written assignment must be delivered to the assignee to be effective.
The tax will be effective from January 1, following a decision by the Walloon administration, but subject to approval by the central government in Brussels.
If we have a reticle that subtends on the vertical stadia in either minutes or mils, we can hold over and still be effective out to several hundred yards with practice.
The proposed revisions to the compilation standard would be effective for compilations of financial statements for periods ending on or after Dec.
Earcalm should be effective if the infection is only in the outer ear.
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