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If there is no bathtub, dissolve one ounce of Epsom salts in a pint of warm water and bathe the body all over with the mixture.
Use cotton wool, or a pad for removing make-up, to soak up this mix and gently bathe the eyes.
Soak or bathe the affected part in vinegar or isopropyl alcohol for thirty minutes or until the pain is relieved.
The women poured potions from several bottles and began gently to bathe and wash his body.
After having your upholstery and carpeting cleaned, it is important to bathe your dog regularly to prevent this problem from recurring.
How often you bathe your baby depends on the baby's age and the time of year.
The next morning, the nurses bathe her, feed her a tasty breakfast, and set her in a chair at a window overlooking a lovely flower garden.
Apparently there were stories about him telling the nannies, you know, and the nurses and things, how to bathe the children and so forth.
Don't allow pets in areas where food is prepared or handled, and don't bathe your pet or clean aquariums in the kitchen sink or bathtub.
She tells him that Odysseus will not come back and calls her maids in to bathe the beggar and give him finer clothing.
The most effective treatment for meibomian cysts is to bathe them with warm compresses about four or five times a day.
International Women's Day was marked in Moscow yesterday with a mass bathe.
Some parents bathe their children separately in the interests of both safety and one-on-one time.
Depending on your dog's lifestyle and breed, you will probably want to bathe him every month or two.
Why not pause for a moment and bathe in the emotional afterglow of that statement?
As she went on to the creek and its pools where she could bathe, I took from my pack my Penguin edition of Don Quixote.
It was held that one should not dig, bathe, swim or engage in anything in any activity on May Day, which might seem to have magical powers!
As a result the Kickapoo people are unable to safely drink, bathe or cook with tap water.
Coming back to Mooney Falls tired but triumphant at the end of the day, we had a last bathe in that pool and scampered up the cliff like mice.
It shimmered through the multicoloured opal to bathe the area in a spectrum of colours.
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Examples from Classical Literature
If the limbs be swelled, or joints stiff, it will be proper to foment them with warm vinegar, or bathe them in lukewarm water.
The springs are surrounded by sinter, terraces, and basins in which sick people bathe.
Boats are tied up under shady groves of mango and bo tree, and people bathe screened behind them.
The Master at this put an end to the kirtan and went to bathe in the sea with them all.
An ideal resort for it is a grove of oak or swamp maple near a stream or pond where it can bathe.
Leading a brahmacharya mode of life and observing sacred vows, one should bathe in the lakes of Rama.
The therm, or baths, were vast structures in which multitudes of people could bathe at once.
A Gentleman afflicted with lumbago was advised to bathe in the Serpentine in winter.
On new-year's eve, they perfume hot water with the leaves of Wongpe and pumelo trees, and bathe in it.
I have read that a woman should not bathe or change her underwear while menstruating.
All the birds are going to bathe, as is their custom on Midsummer Day, and will be sure to appear in their best feathers.
It is also used by way of embrocation to bathe the face and limbs, or any part affected with pains, or debility.
The muni told her to bathe in the tank, and plunge only once into the water.
One should bathe there, O virtuous one, with subdued soul and leading a brahmacharya mode of life.
In the New Hebrides there is a legend of seven winged women whose home was in heaven, and who came down to earth to bathe.
Oreo must have been aware of the plot, for he more than once asked Captain Cook why he did not go and bathe as usual.
They are said to bathe only on Fridays, and some of them not on every Friday.
After a bathe and a midday meal at Bowness the friends walked on with ever increasing delight to ambleside.
The god directed him to go and bathe in the Pactolus, and he should be restored to his former condition.
Thus the Gila monster shows this structure as it likes to bathe in shallow water, often for many hours at a time.
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