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If you get up and scream as if you're a fairground barker, an incredible energy has to come through.
He is almost a sideshow barker for his car, and leaves many of the details of his imagination to his engineers to make reality.
He is a carnival barker on the legal midway, seeking little but his own self-aggrandizement.
At about 100 yards, Barker fired on a tail-end Charlie, which instantly broke up in the air.
Another charge was cut short illegally by a tug from Barker five yards to the left of the penalty area.
Barker suggests that metaphor is an essential feature of human communication.
He worked as a barker at the 1939 World's Fair and as a tour guide at NBC before making his Broadway debut in the lead in Emlyn Williams's Morning Star.
This, along with a change of stance and voice, is enough to populate the stage with a sadistic nun, a carnival barker, a sleazy dancer and, of course, wide-eyed Francesca.
He wore this really ugly jacket with wide lapels that were embroidered at the edges so he looked like a cross between a carnival barker and a train conductor.
Then the doors slide open, and a straw-hatted barker who looks like he's just stepped out of the 19th century greets you and ushers you into a Coca-Cola fantasyland.
Joe was a TWA pilot and Rick flew corporate aircraft so flying must be in the Barker family genes.
Although Barker is larger than life, the character at the core of the narrative is Pele, an exceptionally gifted, free-thinking child.
But this time it was a home player that came from behind as Derek Barker squeezed home with a battling fightback.
A rumbustious English beachcomber, Barker, has fetched up on its shores after half a lifetime at sea.
Even so, Barker sees decided inadequacies in the performance of this crucial figure.
The Barker lever was a small bellows operated by a second pallet valve connected to the key.
Barker researched the novel at various libraries in Great Britain and pieced together this historiography using both fact and fiction.
The upstairs was used for the Boatmans Locker, a boating accessories and chandlery shop run by Joe and Mary Barker.
Barker said he had to drive slowly because of the heavy traffic and icy conditions.
Prof Barker said the team hoped to get to the truth of how much actual harm was caused by mobile phone use.
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The crying voice of the gambling-house barker rode in over the clang and brass of jazzy music, but he couldn't turn the tip.
He felt like doing a carny barker spiel, Step right up, step right up, this way to the great egress!
Like many outspoken people, he passed for a barker and not a biter.
They laughed at his notion of it, and Seth Barker sympathetically pegged his belt up one.
Barker ran round the room after him, bombarding him with demands and entreaties.
The Astronomical portion, by Mr. Barker, is unusually copious, and the cometary plates are well executed.
Jeremiah Barker was my new master's name, but as every one called him Jerry, I shall do the same.
Barker of Roxley Farm, over by Blackstable Church, and I used to go and stay there often when I was a girl.
The rumour of London fevers seems to have reached Barker, who kept an epidemiological record at Coleshill.
At Leeds he found employment in the tanyard of a Mr. Robert Barker, where he presently became foreman.
Up, and with my wife to church, and her new woman Barker with her the first time.
Barker and Stonehouse has the Dante, a sixties-inspired design with a Parquetry inlay arranged like a chessboard, and colonia black metal legs.
Indeed Browning and Ronnie Barker have a certain resemblance, physically and temperamentally.
I have arranged it with the estimable Ames, who is by no means wholehearted about Barker.
Strange how everybody seems to fall for him, even Lela Barker.
To the opinion of the court Judges Barker and nunn dissented.
Barker entered with the toast, and Derek resumed his breakfast.
It is as a lexicographer, however, that Barker is chiefly known.
Wilma followed a few feet above me, then Barker, Gaunt and Blash.
He said Anslow, 32, of Celandine Drive, Dudley, had been tailgating the car in front to try to get him to go faster before causing the tragic death of Mr Barker.
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