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She was 19 at the time, working as a waitress at a sketchy makeshift bar in a small mining town 460 miles north of Addis Ababa.
Leaning against the bar, the Chinese acrobat looks weary, though he says none of the tricks are difficult for him anymore.
Sweet Basil, which has been around since 1977, serves amazingly fresh lunch and dinners, and has all-day bar hours.
Oldham has a thriving bar and night club culture, attracting a significant number of young people into the town centre.
Yorkshire has a great history of real ale, but several bars near the railway station are fusing traditional beers with a modern bar.
Just then a prisoner broke a gate chain with an iron bar and a number of the prisoners pressed through to the prison market square.
In Boston, no AIDS prevention messages are posted at the primary drag queen and transgender bar.
The hotel and the Hikers Bar have a long association with climbing and many famous climbers have stayed at the hotel or drunk in the bar.
Other counties, apart from Dorset, did not display a grid reference and did not have a horizontal bar through the roundel.
With a motion so smooth and fast Marco could barely track it, the man at his side whipped the metal bar in a side-handed toss.
His tail light was mounted on the sissy bar and his fenders were bobbed and painted to match the tank.
No slickered stranger rides down the arroyo, jingles to the bar and thumps for booze.
When the wombat-riding chimp jumped onto the bar, Smith, who had been enjoying a beer, did a massive spit take.
In the Palace bar. I'd been there an hour or so with two or three other chaps. I was a bit squiffy.
I just know he's off spending the night with some sweet young thing he picked up in a bar.
We started about 6 o'clock with a few tagalongs and our little group got smaller and smaller with each bar until it was just the three of us.
She knew better than to drink from the bar, but she'd been so thirsty, and she needed something to take the edge off.
Only her closest friends knew that Jenny was working at a topless bar to help with college expenses.
Riise did crash a fantastic, trademark free-kick against the bar from 25 yards but it was the Potters who increasingly posed the greater threat.
In 1886 Weber passed the examination for Referendar, comparable to the bar association examination in the British and American legal systems.
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Examples from Classical Literature
I cyan't say as they air right comfortable, but ef they'll help me to git 'round agin, I reckon I can bar hit.
In the second half of the first bar, the acciaccatura was never intended by the composer to be actually sung as printed.
Arrived at the creek, they found the shallow sand bar between its mouth and the sea all aboil with confusion.
Finally, he poked the activator bar, and watched as the machine spat out tape.
The searchlight still shot steadily, a golden bar of light athwart the darkness and accentuating it by contrast.
An alphabetical list of all persons called to the bar by the said society.
After his admission to the bar, Mr. Chipman received him into partnership.
Away runs the waiter to the bar, and gets the ale from the landlord.
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