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He was banished to desolate Lake Baikal in Siberia to tend sheep for nineteen years.
Bright fluorescent tube lights bathed him in a white glow and banished any shadows in the room, giving him plenty of detail to inspect.
So he was telling me that he's banished to Earth to grant three wishes to us humans?
Yet, though weeds may be banished from the central beds of a formal garden, they were still capable of sturdy growth and a beauty all their own.
Self-pity and defeatism are quickly banished from his mind whenever they turn up.
Those rickety buses with steel bars sticking out just to load extra numbers should be banished from our roads.
One listen to this album, though, and such doubts will be banished from the minds of all but the most cynical of geography buffs.
Killing for ideology must be banished from our repertoire if we are to live decent lives.
Talk of the job banished all flighty thoughts of living in Oraulei from her mind.
A second goal eased them into the interval and the third seconds after the break banished any nerves.
A child molester and an accused confidence man were similarly beaten and banished.
It will ache before the game but once the whistle goes, it will be banished from his mind.
Content is a lure and a delusion, and it should be banished from the classroom.
Normal and necessary parts of our diet, such as salt and sugar and fat, have also been re-defined as toxins to be banished from our bodies.
Love conquered hate, peace conquered war, and freedom and democracy banished oppression and dictatorship.
In 1625, he leaves prison banished in perpetuity, his health ruined and his spirit broken.
However, the restaurant's most unforgivable sin, for which the cook should be banished to Hades forever, was to overcook the pasta.
When they got no answers to their questions they banished out mortal forms and stripped Lord Dread of his powers.
Smokers crossing the Irish Sea could find themselves banished to the open decks of all ferries to and from the Republic.
He was banished from TV for life for carrying on with a woman not his wife.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But now he comprehended the unmeasurable longing that had, for the time, banished every other consideration from the younger man.
Some of the men still suffered from black-and-blue spots, which, however, a little turpentine liniment would have banished.
In Britain it has been almost universally banished from hedgerows, owing to its connection with the black rust of wheat.
At one time or another we were banished to the bull pen for these indiscretions.
We demanded a cancellation of all debts and that our enemies be banished or punished.
When the king knew of their loves he banished sir cauline from the kingdom.
It banished all his Chartism and democracy and liberalism, and the rest of it.
He was liberated after a week's imprisonment, but banished to his chateau at Verteuil.
The grasshopper is banished to the garden and the Cheshire Cat smiles all over her face.
In the first place Bertie woke up with the chickenpox and was banished to the nursery.
Queen Louise was banished to the bedroom where she surveyed a world of cretonne.
New Yorkers are sensible, if only for this reason, for having banished the dance card.
The swine that ran at large in the streets, practically the only scavengers, were banished.
Life seemed an Elysian dream, from which care and sorrow must be for ever banished.
They were, moreover, to allow Hasdrubal's banished opponents to return to Carthage.
Light had banished the haziness from his eye, and his step was a good deal firmer.
Some of that highbred company displaced and banished the next day, as repeated inspection made the taste more rigidly exclusive.
Any questions that might have occurred to him were banished from his slow-moving thoughts.
I was this time effectively banished, but the ply then taken was ineffaceable.
The jackeroo had appeared on the scene from his own room, to which his sensitive soul ever banished him betimes.
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