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Sentence Examples
Some hold that what makes any person fundamentally deserving of good or bad fortune is her level of virtue or moral merit.
The sight of the team's captain leading the side out may provide just the tonic needed after weeks of bad fortune.
As soon as it begins, it says the time for hesitation is past and bad fortune will be kept at bay.
Many Xhosa children are amputated of the top of their ring finger, to take away bad fortune.
We do this only on our own and only through happenstance or good or bad fortune.
The dividing line between bad fortune and folly is sometimes blurred.
For nearly 200 years, an ever-changing country, a land of good and bad fortune, uprising and war, democracy and kings.
An individual fluctuates up and down the scale as he experiences good or bad fortune.
They wouldn't have the bad fortune to have their still-unformed stories picked apart in public.
Inareal stroke of bad fortune, Dimbles was absent from Question Time after being knocked out byabullock.
Dani's father used his own body to shelter his daughter from falling bricks, but while fleeing the collapsing house little Dani had the bad fortune of stepping on a rusty nail.
The folk art museum has suffered considerable bad fortune over the years.
Are not the two spouses joined to both their good and their bad fortune?
It balances a private ledger of good fortune and bad fortune.
Obviously, you have luck or good fortune or bad fortune.
Cuomo appeared on the news lamenting his aide's bad fortune.
Henry Koto's side have had a bit of bad fortune at previous draws, with eventual finalists Italy and third-placed Portugal in their group last year.
For him, it was a terrible case of bad fortune.
In fact, sometimes I'm thinking it's bad fortune and we should no longer contact any of our friends or people we know, because every time we do, it turns out to be the worst of the worst.
Examples from Classical Literature
This was the aleatory element in life, the element of risk and loss, good or bad fortune.
By the Complication I mean all that extends from the beginning of the action to the part which marks the turning-point to good or bad fortune.
Moreover, it is upon such situations that the issues of good or bad fortune will depend.
She was distrustful of the future, and apt to anticipate bad fortune.
Recognition, as the name indicates, is a change from ignorance to knowledge, producing love or hate between the persons destined by the poet for good or bad fortune.
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