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Hidden commissions, golden handshakes, backdoor deals, you know it can be quite murky.
This is a Trojan designed to open a backdoor access to compromised computer.
They reached the backdoor and Hanna and Eric walked inside, the appetizing aroma of baking floating in the air.
Around the same time, Mydoom.A was infecting machines around the world, leaving a small backdoor to each infected computer.
Eight days after the outbreak, the author used that backdoor to download personal data from computer owners.
It also attempts to open a backdoor on infected Windows PCs, allowing hackers to exploit compromised systems.
Once downloaded, the victim unwittingly activates the backdoor by compiling Sendmail from source code.
Most companies would try to change policies in backdoor maneuvers, often with relative success.
What is pretty clear is that a lot of this money is going to the banksters in backdoor bailouts that do nothing for the greater economy.
This defeat very obviously hurt, with the backdoor of the qualifiers only a modest modicum of consolation.
Rootkits are the ultimate backdoor, giving hackers ongoing and virtually undetectable access to the systems they exploit.
The worm opens a backdoor onto infected computers which allows hackers to gain access.
In the meantime, Romney is carrying the chickens out the backdoor of the henhouse, one by one.
Yet, after months of backdoor negotiations there was Xi, stone-facedly shaking hands with a smirking Abe.
In Kafr Kanna, because of the blocked highway exit, The Daily Beast was forced to use a backdoor entry to town.
The defenders of backdoor searches argue that the same rule should apply in the section 702 situation.
But he also would have helped to keep calls for a smaller federal government from being seen as a backdoor attempt at Jim Crow.
Most college basketball coaches, Greenberg included, focus on full-court presses and defending the flex cut, and not the odds of drawing a backdoor flush.
Squarepushing up against a backdoor. Maul her a bit. Then the next thing on the menu.
A touchless power backdoor has been included as a standard feature on a Lexus for the first time.
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Examples from Classical Literature
So unhappy she was that George immediately planned her a backdoor of excuse.
It was as though he had walked round the house of literature, and peeped in at the backdoor.
Nor was there anything the least clandestine in this backdoor trade of Herman's on the Sabbath.
When Jon won the Power of Veto, the plan to backdoor Allison started to fume.
Our overall position is that you can't turn a backdoor over to any government.
Instantly the backdoor assumed the chief position of interest.
The fire was built in the passage near the backdoor where I stood.
The latest riots in Muzaffarnagar have exposed the weak, ineffective and careless government, which is instigating the riots from the backdoor.
The Backdoor Blue Films Company opened its doors to both and they met on the set of Vivian the Vivisectionist.
She is also a writer, entrepreneur and owner of the new entertainment group Hollywood Backdoor, as well as a familiar face in the world of reality television.
The report showed a majority of love-themed spam dominated by Trojans, malicious programs containing the Andromeda backdoor and scams exploiting current world events.
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