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She was babbling something to the effect that, if she could just get his autograph, her life would be complete.
Iona's laugh, a sound like a babbling brook on a summer afternoon, broke the spell.
And that sickly-sweet music with birds chirping, water babbling, and the rush of wheat fields in the wind seemed brain numbing.
There were tall trees, wide-open plains, meandering streams, babbling brooks, rolling hills, and smart, intelligent people.
In fact, I tend to favour country pubs with beer gardens next to babbling streams.
The idea of a little town nestling between two babbling brooks is a beautiful one and we owe it to ourselves to keep it as beautiful as possible.
To me, it has as much to do with Beethovenian Sturm und Drang as with babbling brooks.
Not far away was a clear, babbling stream of fresh water from the top of the mountain.
The brook beside the castle was babbling peacefully as a warm breeze swept over the meadow.
Now a gorgeous 3-mile trail runs up and over the hills, past soap-root, buckeyes, and manzanitas and across a babbling brook.
He was babbling away to himself, skimming stones through the dust to emphasise his broken punctuation.
Those shots, with lush green glens, babbling brooks, small rock walls, and quaint cottages were simply gorgeous.
There were tall trees, wide-open planes, meandering streams, babbling brooks, rolling hills, and smart, intelligent people.
Then we spilled out into the corridor, babbling incoherently and the experience that none of us would ever forget came to an end.
It was only midnight and he was already stumbling and babbling nonsensically.
She was drunk, and giddy, and tired, and thus was babbling nonsensically, and he shouldn't take anything she said too seriously.
The little girl was happily babbling and taking in her new surroundings with awe and she hadn't made a single fussy peep.
There, among the babbling minds of the incompetent human race, was my beloved Farrell.
His partner, terrified, dropped his own weapon and backed away, babbling in broken Cantonese.
Infants begin by babbling and cooing, progress to holophrasis and by age three to four children are working on semantics and pragmatics.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Bill was still babbling about holdups, and Aggie was saying that he was sunstruck, but of course it did not matter.
It was his babbling about Dom Diego that had ruined the genial old physician.
Mrs. tootle, the flute, is of a romantic turn of mind, doting on moonlight and warbling birds and babbling brooks.
Had much study made of him a monomaniac babbling in a dream of absurdities?
Our babbling, anile friend, in the very looseness of her prating has let out the truth.
Is the stream going steadily on, or is it rather like a babbling brook, making a pleasant murmur but with little power?
My early life ran quiet beside a babbling brook, and there I sat and fished trout and fried them over an outdoor fire.
Then they came out of the woods at a point where a babbling brook ran over some rocks.
Always she kept to the depth of the little ravine, through which ran a tiny, babbling brook.
Grand free open-air lunch under the spreading sycamores and by the babbling brook.
Or if he did, he was diplomatic enough not to jeopardize his post by babbling of it to me.
As they rose to leave, a dumpy earthwoman rushed up to them, enthusiastically babbling in Terran.
Plainly the babblers were approaching along that entry and babbling as they came.
She married the Marquis of Vaccarone, a babbling Neapolitan, insubstantial and light.
He would neither desist from his attacks on the food nor from his noisy babbling to himself.
The babbling man was grazed by a shot that made the blood stream widely down his face.
Here they graze on the bosky slopes to the music of babbling brooks.
In a soft child's voice the prisoner was babbling endlessly, contentedly.
Her eyes were alight, and she was babbling away to her aunt.
It was like listening to a child babbling of its hoard of shells.
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