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Reconstruction was performed using either sural nerve or great auricular nerve in 8 of 10 patients.
Topically applied emu oil significantly reduced severity of acute auricular inflammation induced by croton oil in mice.
A major omission seems to be the investigation for an auricular origin of the cough, particularly in children.
Based on our data, auricular acupuncture seems to offer a valuable alternative therapy for female infertility due to hormone disorders.
This fact confirms directly the concept of higher responsiveness of brain regions to acupuncture of auricular versus corporal points.
The Zwinglian principle of the primacy of scripture is evident in his appeal to a lack of biblical warrant for auricular confession.
He examined 300 patients for inflexibility of the ears and found 11 patients with calcification of the auricular cartilage.
Patients with external otitis complain of otalgia and sensitivity to auricular movement.
Auricular tachycardia occurs more frequently in patients who have no structural heart disease whatever than it does in outspoken cardiacs.
Crested auklets have a conspicuous black forehead-crest, white auricular plumes, an orange bill with accessory plates, and a citruslike plumage odor.
The ear is supplied by the greater auricular, lesser occipital, and auriculotemporal nerves, and the mastoid branches of the lesser occipital nerve.
Which one of the following antibiotic groups is the best first-line oral therapy for infections associated with piercings of the auricular cartilage?
In auricular diagnosis one can identify subtle problems of the body by detecting areas of the ear which are discoloured, flaky, or have tenderness or high skin conductance.
Soft tissue infection is an acceptable, if not expected, complication of piercing, but high ear piercing often results in auricular perichondritis.
Future research may indicate that patients with severe post auricular pain, dense palsy, or herpes zoster virus do better with higher dose antiviral therapy from the outset.
The sconce is decorated with motifs in the auricular style that was popular in the seventeenth century and is exemplified by rippling forms that resemble the human ear.
The auricular lymph nodes are palpated by the bilateral placement of both hands on the skin surface with the fingertips arranged to cover a large surface area.
Reflexology, reiki, paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet, crystal healing and auricular ear candling therapy are among the treatments on offer.
A 29-year-old woman presented with an unusual lesion on the right auricular antihelix.
New posterior auricular perichondrial cutaneous graft for stable reconstruction of nasal defects.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Broca's angle is that included between the auricular foramen, the subnasal point and the ophryon.
The agapae were abolished, and auricular confession was established, during this century.
It appears that many are opposed to celibacy of the clergy and auricular confession.
The latter are all cordate, while in the normal the upper leaves are auricular.
Camper's angle is that included between the auricular foramen, the point of insertion of the upper incisors and the metopic point.
It is covered by the auricular muscles, and by the base of the pinna of the ear.
Added to the above repertoire were the use of the 5 auricular points developed by Col.
The P wave is admitted to be the wave of auricular contraction.
Sixth, That auricular confession to a priest must be maintained.
They have either rudimentary or auricular tentacula, or none.
I'm sure ye did,' replied the red-headed man, with a grin which agitated his countenance from one auricular organ to the other.
It has now been given a Centre of Excellence acupuncture award by Smart UK, an auricular acupuncture training provider.
Is this not sufficient to warn you of the danger of auricular confession?
In the Western tradition of auricular confession, the detail of compunction and sorrow one reads in these written confessions, which were part of govenie, seems absent.
At that point, we elected to perform a revision open rhinoplasty with an auricular cartilage graft and to replace the nasal valve suspension with alar batten grafts.
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