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He attends to issues of colonialism and post-colonialism throughout his book.
Dr Denny enjoys solving the wide range of problems he attends to as a general practitioner in Melton.
She attends Sunday school regularly, which is where most of her friends are.
Shannon attends regular clinics and will probably do so for the rest of her life, but the change in her is dramatic.
Social constructionism, practiced in therapy, attends to the politics of power, political action, and social responsibility.
He was re-elected and now attends council meetings unaccompanied by a translator.
It attends to the way in which feminist thinking has intervened in poets' conceptualizations of the lyric subject.
Katerina is from an upper middle class family and attends a private school.
He has been married for 15 years to his childhood sweetheart, has a delightful family, and attends church regularly.
During the season, the team regularly attends chapel, for readings and songs.
The good time manager reduces the number of routine tasks he attends to and raises the number of tough jobs he tackles.
If you have foot complications from diabetes, it's best that a podiatrist trims your nails and attends to other foot care on a regular basis.
The outline of the bright, inconstant moon attends strictly to the position of the sun.
It was a cocktail dress that Lucy had bought her two years ago for the exhibits she attends to show off her pieces.
Then in a sugary way he said he had no time for us and attends only to the people in his constituency.
It is the seasoned hypnotherapist who attends not only to what suggestion to give, but also to how a suggestion is worded.
She attends to the scriptural basis of prayer and hymnody, as well as reading and sermon.
There is a middle aged man on my course who attends Wednesday evening lectures as a part-time student.
He attends the cinematheque she loved so that he can tell her about the movies he sees.
While I do not generally make patient rounds, a colleague who functions as a hospitalist attends to the patient.
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Examples from Classical Literature
When a crisis presents itself in industrial relations, Mr. Hoover, who spreads himself over several departments, attends to it.
I am as sober as the nonconforming parson of the church that Miss Castlemaine attends.
A landowner followed, who in the month for sowing seed attends to his ploughing and is fond of field sports.
He attends to his work with all his might, and strikes up a noisy song, to the infinite displeasure of the serenader.
The former does the valeting, the waiting, and is steward and butler, while the woman attends to the cooking and laundry.
As transfer agent, the company attends to perfecting transfers of ownership for stock and bond issues or parts thereof.
Their old foes are invited, and if any Pima or Maricopa attends he is given a horse.
Mr. Morgan, the millionaire banker, attends church conventions as an antipodal diversion.
Moreover the hercynian Forest attends for a while its native Cattans, then suddenly forsakes them.
But a more imposing rite attends the oath of celibacy before the Abuna.
He goes, in a condescending amateurish way, into the City, attends meetings of Directors, and has to do with traffic in Shares.
Watch and remodel details if any distortion attends the drying process.
The lovelorn chef looks ready to finally move on from the breakdown of his marriage to Laurel when he attends a singles night.
A remarkable circumstance attends this kind of hemicrania, viz.
And what overwhelming success attends the efforts of the jesuits!
It is said that she never attends any but the English form of church service.
The squire, however, sent after his sister the same holloa which attends the departure of a hare, when she is first started before the hounds.
The incertitude which attends closely every artistic endeavour is absent from its regulated enterprise.
With the practical reason it attends to noble and worthy conduct.
Mac Maharaj, a spokesman for the South African president Jacob Zuma, insisted that Tutu is on the guest list and that he hopes a solution will be found so Tutu attends.
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