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How to use at full speed in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "at full speed"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
The many sequences involving herds of horses racing at full speed are very dynamic with effective use of the surrounds.
Attempting a vault, her right foot missed the springboard and she crashed headfirst at full speed into the horse.
The boys immediately raced to Ryan's car and he drove at full speed towards the hospital.
The big outboards pushed the skiffs along through the tea brown waters at full speed, the propellers throwing up rooster tails of water.
Attempting a vault, her right foot missed the springboard and she crashed head first at full speed into the horse.
It is true that the sight of Graham wielding a vacuum cleaner at full speed does have something of the fearful about it.
It's unwise to charge up a hill at full speed but conserving momentum is crucial to avoid getting caught out by the slippery surface.
The former leader of the Royal Flush charged at full speed and unholstered the duel pistols he gathered from the guards.
Riders enter the arena at full speed, triggering the clock to start and rounding the barrels in a cloverleaf pattern.
She was running at full speed, glancing behind every few seconds, before plunging ahead with even greater speed.
He heard the fire bells clanging, and saw the horses running at full speed towards the financial district.
Bichette ran 30 yards at full speed, bobbled the ball and dropped it, allowing the go-ahead run to score.
With the windscreen wipers going at full speed, I peer through the blinding rain at a kaleidoscope of neon lights.
While the circus surrounding free agents is going on, the draft process continues at full speed.
I ran up the stairs at full speed and knocked on his door, remembering the last time that I'd come over unannounced like this.
A horse standing there took to his heels in fear and galloped 200 yards at full speed round the fenced area.
So, as you might imagine, a planet wide radar would obviously detect a ship barreling down at full speed with all weapons blazing.
With a future meeting arranged, I turned my head and dashed at full speed back to McDonalds.
At one point, he tore past the crowd of onlookers at full speed, which might have been hugely impressive had we not seen his face.
While fiddling around in a recording studio, he stumbled on the technique of recording at half speed and then playing back at full speed.
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Examples from Classical Literature
A destroyer travelling at full speed on a calm sea, when heard on a hydrophone resembles the roar of a gigantic dynamo.
The car had just thundered past another station, and Callahan had underrun one more stop-signal at full speed.
Astern was a fog bank, and ahead the open sea, toward which the boat was charging at full speed.
The Hartford and the Lackawanna were both making at full speed for the ram.
He tried to climb a cliff that of old he had often bounded up at full speed.
His one idea of diplomacy and war is a thousand Kuban Cossacks at full speed.
We were going straight for the shatter at full speed, but she made no effort to escape being rammed.
I would give a signal for him to uncouple his engine and follow at full speed.
The boat was charging along at full speed, throwing aside a bow wave nearly as high as herself.
Northumberland sent a courier at full speed to the council for reinforcements.
She steamed towards the raider, which made off at full speed.
Meanwhile Don Cornelio was going at full speed on his message to Morelos.
If she saw him she would run off at full speed and soon come back with something in a tin or basket, some hot soup or pudding Polly had ready.
A gendarme, urging his horse to a galop, arrived at full speed.
Occasionally it was brought out, and, being gaily caparisoned, was ridden by one of the officers at full speed over the hard sand beach.
He sprang on the horse of a Blackfoot warrior whom he had slain, and escaping at full speed, brought home the baleful tidings to his village.
One engine only at full speed, drawing a triumphal carriage, had the right of traveling for those four days on the railroads of the United States.
Towards the end of November, during a thaw, at nine o'clock one morning, a train on the Warsaw and Petersburg railway was approaching the latter city at full speed.
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