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Sentence Examples
The production that set the New York and London stages astir will creep into Tokyo Nov.16-19 at the Sun Mall Theater in Shinjuku.
Moments later, the room was astir, with half a dozen instructors and guards, all working to release them.
A week later, the Haifa municipality was still astir as officials spoke of the amazing funeral.
When news of the gruesome homicide began to trickle out, the Washington Post newsroom was astir.
We do not know entirely what is astir, but we can feel that the world is ready to throw itself into turmoil.
The two walked quickly back to the village, which was now all astir with life.
The village was astir for the duties of the day, white fustanellas were hurrying in every direction toward the fields.
I walked away, my feelings astir and confusing my already troubled mind.
A group of 42 young South Korean women set the city astir this past week.
The World was astir over Tsukasa, a young boy with unusual powers.
The central part of Westhoughton was early astir this morning on the occasion of a great walk which had been arranged to take place from Westhoughton to Southport.
By the time I reach downtown, of course, I see that things are astir.
Examples from Classical Literature
Accordingly, the zareba was soon astir, and the men bustling about their animals.
It was rather a restless night in Orangeade, and all were astir early, for they wanted to be at the everglade camp by daylight.
I like to Fletcherize them with my mind, and with those senses which my mind can set astir.
The ghyll was early astir, and in every nook and corner full of the buzz of gossip.
It had hardly begun to grow light, when we heard the old gentleman astir in the kitchen.
Dennet was astir early to see them off, and she had a little gift for each.
The British slept that night without tents round fires of kauri gum, but next morning all was astir for the attack.
The town was astir by this time, the sun was on the beach, and the fishermen trooped off to bed.
No bugle had sounded, yet the whole camp was softly and diligently astir.
We left calli at daybreak, before the rest of the guests were astir.
Penetrating further and further into the heart of the Japanese cruising ground, the Pequod was soon all astir in the fishery.
My faculties, roused by the change of scene, the new field offered to hope, seemed all astir.
From earliest dawn the house is astir as its inmates rise, walk about, and stamp their feet.
The next morning at daybreak the household of Nathan 48 hornby was astir.
But if Reuben were laggard the innocent guardian dragon was early astir.
The camp was still astir, and there were sounds of feasting and revelry.
I had no suspicion anything was astir that night with the college boys.
Lights flashed in the windows, drums beat, and the whole place was astir.
The night passed, and with the coming of dawn the boys were astir.
A soul is astir with an idea, a resentment, a call for change.
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