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Currency appreciation alone does not choke off growth, but assuredly it should choke off a lot of inflation.
He spoke clearly and assuredly so that no one could twist his words and send the conversation down an entirely different route.
The view from the summit, however, is assuredly worth all of the leg cramps and dry heaves.
The storks and lesser spotted eagles are assuredly from every country between Germany and Russia.
It comes to a pass in some families that certain members will most assuredly never get along.
His tone made a crescendo to pleading, but Kay kept speaking rather assuredly.
Now sober and straight, I can assuredly state that that doesn't seem like quite the best decision.
Despite being introduced just two minutes earlier, he kept his cool and assuredly slipped the ball between the posts.
Now we are told immediately by world leaders that this was most assuredly an act of terrorism.
I now left the Huntsman's Lodge without pursuing this undoubtedly absurd idea, which would assuredly have proved correct had I developed it.
Were they not inhibited Anglo-Saxons and had he been in their midst rather than standing on a raised dais, they would have assuredly hugged him.
He assuredly bumped off a formidable array of erstwhile friends and possible rivals.
If the pinstriped boxer shorts had eyes, they would most assuredly be rolling.
She is magnificent as Carol, moving assuredly from the nervous student of the opening to the powerful presence of the final scene.
The costs of defection, for its weaker participants, would assuredly be higher than are the costs of continued compliance.
The new model rides well and handles assuredly on long sweeping corners, but seems a mite too softly sprung on sharper bends.
These mountain are most assuredly another of the distinctive four faces of Algeria.
In some form or another, I will allow that most of you are very aware of the story, so my synopsis will be most assuredly brief.
The first candy canes were almost entirely sugar, no peppermint, and most assuredly had no red striping.
Most assuredly, the boss is not paying him to socialize and have a good time with co-workers and friends during off-hours.
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Examples from Classical Literature
We are willing to admit that the wolves are not villanous, but, assuredly, they are unlovable.
Such a collection of splay feet, puffed joints, and misshapen limbs was assuredly never before made within so small a compass.
For, assuredly, if in anything there was to be found a fault, growler was the boy to find it.
Had the hat covered the flint completely, he must assuredly have graced a cabinet.
But the whole course of reasoning is based upon false premises, for the Hungarians are most assuredly not of Finnic origin.
Many who appear to be egotistical must assuredly be credited with this good motive.
The unpleasant smell of the alvine evacuations is assuredly a large element in the disgust these inspire.
An incident of the world operating as a physiologically direct stimulus is assuredly a reality.
The integrity, the wholeness, and the connectedness of the person simply and assuredly is central.
The loveliness of the woods in March is not, assuredly, of this blowsy rustic type.
If there be no foliation anywhere, the building is assuredly imperfect Gothic.
Like unto thee, assuredly, there is no other mitred father in the calendar.
He declared, that, if he should be overhasty, he would most assuredly ruin every thing.
They took all they could get, but assuredly they never understood the obligation of repayment.
Were he to accede to such a proposal as Oliver now made him, assuredly he must jeopardize all that.
If the girl was there to be found, most assuredly, he must find her.
They assuredly have an inseverable union in the art of literature.
O remarkable shepherd of the flock, and assuredly no hireling!
Under the stars, under the gibbous moon, assuredly they would sleep.
Whatever his reasons might be, Eustace had assuredly married me under an assumed name.
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