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Sentence Examples
The idea that mutual assured destruction is a policy choice shows a complete misunderstanding of the basic facts of existence.
There were two superpowers, they knew what we had, we knew what they had, mutually assured destruction meant something.
The new approaches still differed from traditional military strategy, but they borrowed far more from its basic principles than mutually assured destruction had.
As the Cold War evolved, many of the most influential strategists, began to turn away from mutually assured destruction as it became clear that the strategy was far from guaranteed to work.
In geopolitics, the doctrine of mutually assured destruction prevents the use of weapons of mass destruction against a foe.
Direct military attacks on adversaries were deterred by the potential for mutual assured destruction using deliverable nuclear weapons.
This prompts me to probe the foundation of traditional deterrence theory, which evolved in the 1960s to the point of mutual assured destruction.
Nuclear parity and fear of mutual assured destruction kept the two rivals in check and helped in preventing war.
The mutuality of mutually assured destruction is key to its function as a deterrent.
This is Mutual Assured Destruction planned into the next century.
During the decades of Mutual Assured Destruction, nuclear-armed states were cautious about provocations, confining their interference and bombing to nonnuclear states.
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