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I am delighted to assure the questioner that I would not support any regime that I regarded as punitive.
It's always best to refreeze the previously frozen wheat after 30 days to assure that any eggs hatched since the last treatment are killed.
He has spent the last few years purging the army to assure its loyalty, stuffing it with boot-clicking yes-men.
You may find it hard to trust my word, and the feeling is mutual I assure you.
He wanted to assure the public that by reopening this building there is to danger to anyone in the area being affected by anthrax.
I wish to assure your readers that those in charge of the exhumation and reinterment were not similarly careless.
Plain material, often paper, is usually applied horizontally and used under wallcoverings to assure a smoother surface and better adhesion.
She said a committee juried the artists into the show to assure excellence and she was very pleased with the quality.
As a regular non-smoking pub goer and a former ex-barman let me assure you that I have never had a choice.
By contrast, casting or drawing lots to assure fairness in allocating duties or rewards has been acceptable for millennia.
I can assure all the people in Pennsylvania these allegations are absolutely, totally and unequivocally false.
We wish to assure the public that the teaching, reading and writing of poetry are alive and well at Rio Rancho High School.
I want to raise one or two other things just as examples to assure the House that I have been keeping a close watch on its concerns.
Let me assure all concerned that any rainbow trout the size of salmon in this country are, without question, farmed.
Computational fluid dynamics was used to assure consistent cooling through the water jacket.
I assure you that it will redound to the social, academic and financial well-being of us all.
I can assure people that value for money and high quality services remain at the heart of our approach.
I assure you the family will be pleased that there's been resolution in the matter.
By the time I returned to my mother's, she was jubilant because she had received two phone calls to assure her that the bag was safe and well.
Christie will need to assure the party about his own integrity, and his tendency to conflate government with his own self.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Let me assure them that they are the politest of people, though happily not effusive.
He could assure them they felt highly flattered at the reception which had been accorded them.
I can assure you that the plight of the downtrodden workers will be alleviated.
If he leaves us now he leaves us a poor man, as Althing may well assure itself.
He ascertains the will of the gods, who reveal themselves to him, who send him dreams, assure him of their assistance.
Much against my liking, I assure you, said my brother, rudely interrupting her.
But I know what your duties will be, and I assure you, my dear Hester, you will find the thing cannot be done.
Olcan interceded, but it was of no avail, unless he would assure heaven to saran.
I assure you I shall appreciate anything from hardtack to bisque ice-cream.
Then I assure you that there was a carousal and a drinking of beer in the Casia.
Thus every revolution of the charka I can assure you, will bring the success of this bloodless revolution the nearer every day.
There only remained to fit in a solid door, which would assure the closure of Will Tree.
I went on to the balcony, but the curtains of Bellegarde's room were drawn, as if to assure me that there was no complot.
Accordingly, she hastened to call the corregidor aside and assure him he must procure it for her.
I can assure you that no conquest of Cusco Hurrin will be attempted, if you seek in peace to break from your isolation.
I assure you that it has not detracted in the tiniest iota from your appearance.
I don't aspire to be editress of the school magazine, I assure you, nor even a contributor.
And I can assure you that brookie and Bramham don't matter in the least.
To disobedient ones I can assure you that we are not half so merciful.
It has gone very much against the grain, I can assure you, to have neglected you for so long a time.
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