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Somehow she imbued him with a confidence and assurance that is downright remarkable.
On Friday, the Trade Minister gave the assurance that granulated sugar would be distributed to manufacturers over the weekend.
He said that the British prime minister had given an assurance that the inquiry would receive the fullest possible co-operation.
When there is a plan in place and a method for carrying it out, there is a sense of confidence and assurance that the outcome will be positive.
Please provide us with your prompt written assurance that you will comply with this request.
He wrote to Mr Southcombe last month to ask for a categorical assurance that the youngsters would not suffer any long-term health effects.
Are victims not entitled to every assurance that their abusers will not offend again?
Native orchids are offered by some commercial nurseries with the assurance that none have been collected from the wild.
Mr Grey gave an emphatic and unequivocal assurance that the names of all the donors would remain totally confidential.
So the Journal's assurance that there is no story here is profoundly unconvincing.
I am still a sinner, but I can say with assurance that I am a sinner saved by God's grace.
The site was chosen on the assurance that there would be a motorable road to connect the centre with the outer ring road.
All those shops selling these goods have to give consumers the assurance that they are fast colour, non shrinkable and correct size.
All those shops selling these goods have to give consumers the assurance that they are fast colour, non-shrinkable and correct size.
If you are buying logs for immediate use make sure that your supplier can give you an assurance that the wood has been seasoned.
Tenured faculty were facing retirement without the assurance that new generations of tenured academic citizens would take their places.
She added that readers need to have assurance that scanned data is authentic and accurate.
Your poise and deliberateness gives assurance that you know what you are talking about.
The effect of all these events was some sort of feeling of assurance that for whatever reason I was on the path I was supposed to be on.
So billions of dollars are wasted with no assurance that any terrorist will be caught.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Was it an assurance that he should be welcomed at the hacienda of Las Palmas?
I am anxious to have your assurance that it was impossible that The Leader could englamour the whole nation by his psionic gifts.
Still there was no use to attempt calming him with the assurance that his nostrum could not be had.
However careful a urinalysis may be, there is no assurance that one can predict the pathologic state of the kidney.
The only assurance that it should be undisturbed is, that it remains unknown.
Longchamp on the quatorze was the assurance that the job of protecting France was being well looked after.
The human mind can never be satisfied with the mere assurance that sooner or later the golden years will come.
The assurance that I had gained at Court forsook me, and I was tongue-tied as any calf-lover.
She had just purchased a majolica bowl, under repeated assurance that it was a piece of the genuine old lustre-ware.
Mary's answer was given quietly, but, none the less, with an assurance that could not be gainsaid.
The letters being taken away will be an assurance that you have them.
Did you not give me your assurance that M. de Mancini would marry Yvonne?
Griswold's smile was the ironmaster's assurance that he had not offended.
The assurance that 'God is Love' responds to the inmost wish of the soul.
Give me an assurance that I have a start over the next reporter.
What assurance that I might not as well be hurtled to some far-distant star of another solar system, as to Mars?
The invention's unique design provides its users with assurance that a bar of soap will not slip off a shower soap dish.
His enticing suggestions I used to repel modestly by the assurance that it was extremely unlikely, as I had not enough experience.
Mr Boffin has merely to add, that he relies on Mr John Rokesmith's assurance that he will be faithful and serviceable.
Meg received his humble apology, and was much comforted by the assurance that Brooke knew nothing of the joke.
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