How to use as sure as in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "as sure as"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Meanwhile, as sure as night follows day a refugee boat has sunk with loss of life.
Only give her a chance, and as sure as death she'll get hold of John, after all.
If you're shopping around for a personal loan, as sure as eggs is eggs, you'll be offered payment protection insurance.
He was sure of that, as sure as one is of being alive or of eating a piece of bread.
They would take turns to come to our house for a cup of tea and as sure as death they would sit on this chair.
The only thing that is as sure as the dead hand of business on the government's policy agenda is the realization that this cannot last.
This year it took until the 3 days before the end of the holiday, but as sure as eggs is eggs it happened.
It is as sure as fate that, as long as such a direct method of attack exists, it will be used.
Serena was always going to win her first Wimbledon final as sure as eggs is eggs.
Cynicism comes with age, as sure as death, and I haven't missed it.
Revitalised, he too bludgeoned a brief and spectacular change in momentum in the last hour before, as sure as bend follows twist, he handed it back.
As sure as in real-life, organizations, governments, and societies need ways and resources to operate, so does the virtual community on the Internet.
I am as sure as if I had omniscient sight into the depths of his good heart that he has distinct and unenvious joy in every pleasure that he sees other people taking.
Examples from Classical Literature
And now that the deer mouse had given his reasons, he was just as sure as ever.
I should go, even though I felt as sure as you do that the outcome will be the garrotte or a blank wall and a firing squad.
Old Ringtail, as sure as I am standing here, and by the looks of things, trying his best to roost in my birdhouse!
Some of these bullets have punctured the old bag aloft, as sure as you live.
It's the Watch on the Rhine he's trolling, as sure as you live!
As sure as I'm alive I'll commit you for a rogue and vagabond, for mendicancy and assault.
Anyway there's something on his mind, as sure as there must be something on a deck when it cracks.
The jarvey saved his life by furious driving as sure as God made Moses.
And our yesterday's wheeze you freeze on to to-morrer, as sure as a gun.
I am as sure as Hephzy is that Ardelia did not know what Morley had done.
Not but what the middies are apprenticed just as sure as we are.
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