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Adequate flow in our rivers is necessary for the maintenance of aquatic life, to prevent saline water intrusion and to protect riparian rights.
During the visit three different habitats were studied by sampling the vegetation and aquatic life using quadrates and pond nets respectively.
These birds are highly adapted to aquatic life. They dive to catch most of their prey, and have a gular pouch in which they can carry food.
As a result, the quality of the lake's water has deteriorated and its vast reserves of aquatic life are rapidly shrinking.
From there, the polluted water flowed west, devastating aquatic life in the Tisa River.
The Indo-Pacific is the most abundant oceanic region for aquatic life and Sipadan seems to be home for most of them.
The researchers conducted their experiments by beaming radio waves at aquariums stocked with different species of aquatic life.
The Troumassee river once existed as a significant body of water with an abundance of aquatic life.
They show a number of typical adaptations for aquatic life, such as dorsal orbits and nares and somewhat shortened limbs.
This spells disaster for aquatic life unable to adjust to the altered conditions.
However, aquatic life is much more sensitive to even these low levels of toxic chemicals, Pardue says.
Consisting of grassy islands, swampy stretches and mangrove-covered banks, the estuary was an incubator for aquatic life.
We found all kinds of creatures from leeches to water snails and pond skaters and lots of other typical British aquatic life.
Near the Gulf of Mexico is a giant dead zone devoid of fish and other aquatic life.
In a half an hour, I quit this place, slip into the ocean, and hassle the local aquatic life with my snorkel and my submersible camera.
Scorpion fish, butterfish, scallops, prawns, peacock worms, cuttlefish and dragonets all go about their business among the many stationary species of aquatic life.
Michelle Leiper is swotting up on exotic species of aquatic life.
Fruits are lethal for snails, some aquatic life including bilharzia fluke.
The committee were quite annoyed this year with the fact that, after all the work carried out to improve the environment of the river to allow aquatic life to survive.
Aquatic life that would otherwise be killed by a freeze survives.
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This little grebe comes of a splendid line of ancestors, some of which were even more specialised for an aquatic life.
The feet of the platypus are five-toed and webbed, being, like the rest of the body, suited for an aquatic life.
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