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Anger is her only emotional resource in conflict and it leaves her totally unprotected against other people and herself most of all.
Anger flared up inside me and I seethed at the conceitedness of the stupid Goth.
Anger and frustration at the inanity of America's political culture underscore the best humour here.
Anger I could deal with, but I hated to be embarrassed and to lose control of my emotions.
She was positively apoplectic with anger when she realized she had been cheated.
Anger triggers are situations in which expectations of fair play are violated.
Anger is an emotional state that varies in intensity, ranging from mild irritation to violent rage.
Anger and paranoia, no doubt vital fuels for his groundbreaking work, got the best of him in the end.
Anger flickered briefly in Kreed's eyes before their expression was quickly masked.
Anger is manifested in the individual who spurns love and opts instead for fury.
Anger is one of those emotions whose expression is sometimes subject to taboos, so people can grow up unable to recognize it.
Anger causes vasoconstriction in pathologically narrowed arterial segments but has no effect on vasomotion in normal coronary arteries.
Anger was also a product of innate heat, which excitement and emotion agitated and caused to rise to the surface from the heart.
Anger always makes for good poetic verse, so pick up thy pens and write. I expect to see verses two, three and possibly four in the coming weeks.
Anger has spilled into claims of intimidation and media manipulation, with once-friendly neighbours snubbing each other in the street.
Anger and frustration radiate from a man who rarely had faced cause to be angry or frustrated, and he is almost confused by the situation.
Anger was welling up inside of me as this family continued to use offensive language towards their relative.
Anger and outright rage at the computer, when it doesn't behave the way YOU want it to, may be a symptom of this kind of transference.
Anger in Europe over this latest trade dispute has raised fears that ongoing free-trade negotiations could be derailed.
Anger registered on her face as she stomped from the room down the hallway and into the bedroom.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Anger and Worry are Parasites Anger and worry are as much parasites as are the cankerous worms that attack plants.
Anger is not easily simulated with an unclenched fist, immovable feet, and uncontracted brow.
Anger burned high in him, and like the bully he was he took it out of his good horse by roweling its sides savagely.
Anger spent, Kowalski probably just wanted to get back to her comic book.
Anger needs to be dealt with and the person often feels hatred towards those who they see as causing the split up, such as another woman.
Ain Anger sang and acted commandingly as Ramfis, while company returnees Scott Hendricks and Canadian Robert Gleadow contributed a fierce Amonasro and sonorous King of Egypt.
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