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Cyclists and delivery tricycles dart in and out of the traffic, threatening the pristine paint jobs of such exotic cars.
Birth-related outcomes that were evaluated included estimated gestational age, length of prolongation, and delivery at term.
Washington was not aware of the presence of these tactical nuclear weapons and delivery systems in Cuba.
Each shipbuilder constructs sections of the ship, while final assembly, outfitting, test and delivery are alternated between them.
The envelope contains whatever information is needed to accomplish transmission and delivery.
The plan is more than an audit of flora and fauna, explained Mr Thomas, as it contains strict objectives and delivery targets.
When I refer to narrative, I'm talking about story telling and delivery of a story.
He gave us gentle advice and absolutely made our day with his genuine manner and delivery.
Code breaking, radio surveillance and the training and delivery of secret agents became a round the clock activity.
This is the best way to protect yourself and your baby against preterm labor and delivery.
His presence and delivery of the lines encapsulated all my expectations of how Macbeth would act.
A fleet of vehicles would be at the disposal of every booking office for instant pickup and delivery, he added.
The melodies could sometimes be stronger, but King's lyrics and delivery convey an arresting spectrum of ambivalent emotions.
In Nigeria, huge consignments of drugs expired due to lack of effective controls and delivery procedures.
The unions said, however, emergency and delivery rooms and intensive care units will be maintained during the work stoppage.
The positioning and delivery system comprises an injector which is adapted to allow a syringe to be attached and a housing.
His conclusion in particular was stirring in its content and delivery, and very welcome in its determined political incorrectness.
Some of the actors deliver their lines so colorlessly I want to slow the speed down to make the drama and delivery more interesting.
The measure of a joke's effectiveness is equal to the quality of its writing and delivery multiplied by the familiarity of its subject.
Avoid digital exams if possible unless patient is in labor and delivery is inevitable.
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Emergency exploratory laparotomy and delivery are proposed for the treatment of ruptured uterus.
They also offer a wide range of proprietary riveting products, as well as sophisticated automated rivet tools and delivery systems.
A variety of flavoring methods and delivery systems are used by the tea manufacturer to incorporate flavor onto tea.
About Front Line Strategies Front Line Strategies is a public relations firm that assists clients with formation and delivery of message.
Worthy Locums Ltd matches locum pharmacists, pharmacy dispensers and delivery drivers, to vacancies across the North.
Gymnosperm pollination drops are involved at some point in the capture and delivery of pollen into ovules, followed by pollen germination and fertilization.
Beside the store an alleyway ran behind the main street stores and all day drays and delivery wagons, intent on bringing in and taking out goods, passed up and down.
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