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Part Rapper, part cigar tapper, and part jaw yapper, Georgie jumps onstage and delivered a so-so performance.
Mike nimbly dodged these attacks and delivered brutal counters that took out his enemies.
Ita was the local midwife and delivered many a home birth before the Maternity Hospital era in rural parishes.
Sean has been there for all the births and delivered the last two children, with a midwife's supervision.
So far he had weathered numerous attacks, emerged unscathed and delivered a heavy blow to the Midway air base.
In witness of which this document has been signed and sealed as a deed and delivered the date and year first before written.
Certain persons betrayed him, demanded his death, brought him to trial, condemned and delivered him up, mocked, tormented, and executed him.
Lewis took his lead from the atmosphere around him and delivered his instructions deadpan.
Dark stores are warehouses full of goods that are picked and delivered by staff according to online orders.
He insists that all the meat is Scottish and the seafood, game, fruit and vegetables are local and delivered each day.
Treatments were blended into a supplement at a commercial feed mill and delivered to the dairy.
At the end of the Second World War, flowers were purchased from Covent Garden Market and delivered by rail in returnable wooden crates.
To be legally effective, the covenant must be signed, sealed and delivered by the covenantor to the covenantee.
Nearby, a motorist stopped his car, produced his firearm, and delivered the coup de grace to the camera that had just photographed him.
The 8-weight fly rod rocked back, loaded and delivered its delicate payload just past the wagging tail.
I said nothing as Ella aimed carefully and delivered six feather fletched arrows to the center circle on te target.
The firm was also highly commended for its Travelnews publication, produced and delivered in conjunction with the Bolton Evening News.
He went on a chat show and delivered another one of his standard homilies on how homosexuals are killing the theater.
The four year study was based in two inner London boroughs and delivered through a local voluntary sector charity.
It signed up its millionth customer in December, and delivered over a million orders in the run-up to Christmas.
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Examples from Classical Literature
On the 18th of May 1612 he fled from Pskov, was seized and delivered up to the authorities at Moscow, and there executed.
If the bindery is connected with the pressroom, they are simply jogged, counted, and piled on trucks and delivered in this way.
On the 5th of February the king attended and delivered the speech from the throne in person.
But the ironside caught it on his shield and delivered a sword-thrust in return that dropped the Dane's arm by his side.
The sage resumed the link of his last lecture, and delivered his eloquent speech to rma, who was well versed in eloquence also.
The enemy crossed a hedge within forty yards of the ninety-second, and delivered their fire.
Before the stock certificate books were printed and delivered from the local printing office, we were, in fact, oversold.
They were immediately repaired, strongly garrisoned, and delivered in charge to the city of jaen.
He discovered her in the kitchenette, and delivered the message.
And until the time that Mike came over and delivered the record player.
And she produced from her pocket a most housewifely bunch of keys, and delivered them to the servant.
Then without pause he turned on Sunny and delivered his ultimatum.
But a shepherd found the babe and tended him, and delivered him to another shepherd who took him to his master, the King or Corinth.
Also, Polina herself had mentioned to me her dislike for him, and delivered herself of some remarkable confessions on the subject.
These she brought back to the city and delivered safe to their kinsfolk.
Old Chub Beer Bread is baked from scratch and delivered daily from Whole Foods' Rocky Mountain Bakehouse in Aurora.
Wayne spun him over and delivered a hard punch to the solar plexus.
She hired a scriptwriter and delivered a speech which basically bleated about the Bush.
The solemn procession, headed by Baddeley, of tea-board, urn, and cake-bearers, made its appearance, and delivered her from a grievous imprisonment of body and mind.
On his deathbed Driscoll set Roxy free and delivered his idolized ostensible son solemnly into the keeping of his brother, the judge, and his wife.
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