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She said the family felt terrible that so many vacationers on board the cruise ship had been frightened and delayed.
The bus driver sounded his horn, whereupon the car driver deliberately reduced his speed and delayed the progress of the bus.
The psychometric tests found that the users and past users had poorer immediate and delayed verbal memory recall.
As he finished saying this, he heard a soft gasp for air, and delayed breathing.
With their slightly fruity taste and delayed bite, serranos are ideal for fresh salsas like pico de gallo.
But instead it has procrastinated and delayed, to the ever-increasing cost of the taxpayer.
With higher tumor load and delayed administration after tumor implantation, dendritic cells were no longer effective.
Other disadvantages include possible hypopigmentation, discomfort during the freezing process, and delayed healing.
The wound should be thoroughly cleansed, and delayed closure should be allowed.
Restrictive procedures promote weight loss by restricting intake via a small stomach capacity and delayed emptying, which causes a sense of fullness.
Because of international trade interdependencies this led to European economic stagnation and delayed European recovery for several years.
Interclonat variation in the acute and delayed toxicity of cadmium to the European prosobranch gastropod Potamopyrgus antipodarum.
These are followed by more specific symptoms of bleeding gums, hyperkeratosis, petechial haemorrhages and delayed wound healing.
Additionally, the government altered the distributional formula used to allocate money to municipalities and delayed disbursement of the fund.
Growth hormone deficiency in children can lead to short stature and delayed puberty.
Immediate and delayed neurotoxicity after mechlorethamine preparation for bone marrow transplantation.
This prevented him from painting for several years, and delayed publication of In Parenthesis.
The United Kingdom cut its initial order and delayed a decision on future orders.
Already, vendors are informing us that door systems are becoming more sensitive, while false alarms and delayed activations are being virtually eliminated.
He offered the ACC's apology to aboriginal people and delayed his retirement until 2004 when his successor could come to the primacy with the issue also retired.
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And still Charles dallied and delayed, still the main army did not come up.
The fight that followed was a long one and delayed the resumption of the march for an hour.
Acetylcholinesterase and neuropathy target esterase inhibitions in neuroblastoma cells to distinguish organophosphorus compounds causing acute and delayed neurotoxicity.
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