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Carlos talked Jordon through his shift, slowly explaining the routine of scrubbing conveyer belts, grinders, blenders, and bone cutters.
The CT-scan was able, with minimum disturbance, to distinguish different densities of soft tissue and bone.
As the disease progresses, it can debilitate a person by slowly eating away the joint's cartilage and bone.
They've got these crocodilian jaws that just crunch off huge chunks of meat and bone, and then they just swallow it all.
A break came in 2003 when a team returned to the hill and recovered several fragments of teeth and bone.
The two went down in a clash of flesh and muscle and bone, the two ripping at each other for every opening possible.
It is characterized by a wide variety of deformities, namely malformations and overgrowth of soft tissue and bone.
Thirty yards up the creek to the right was a dry creek in which we discovered three little heaps containing burnt stone, charcoal and bone.
Because of its chemical closeness to calcium, strontium can comfortably replace the lighter element in enamel, dentin, and bone.
The loose bodies may remain free in the joint space and grow via layering of cartilage and bone.
The shape of the nose is defined by shadows as the skin moves over cartilage and bone.
This is between bone and bone, as between the spinal vertebrae, or above and below a joint.
All the formal uniface blades functioned as knives and were used to cut both meat and bone.
I treated people with unrelenting diarrhea, emaciated to skin and bone, crippled with nerve pain, and lost in dementia.
She was tall, but, unlike Solange, she was composed less of sinews and bone, but rather of elegantly-developed womanly curves.
Surely he's made of rubber and elastic, rather than skin and bone, muscles and sinews.
The sight of death and destruction, the gore, the exposed sinew and bone, the open skulls and slaughtered children does not bother me.
Their teeth, which cut in both directions, are like razor blades, perfectly evolved for cutting through turtle shells and bone.
His arms and legs look like there's no meat left on them, just muscle and bone.
A third-degree burn results in the destruction of skin, and may extend into the superficial fascia, muscle and bone.
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It is the chief mineral constituent of bones of animals, and bone ash is therefore nearly pure calcium phosphate.
He was dried up to gristle and bone, and shook with chills every third night.
You quicken an unfertilized egg in vitro and you get a little ball of fur and bone and skin and stem-cells.
There is no load too heavy for this immortally designed fabric of flesh and blood and bone to bear.
In a peat bog, formerly the bed of the lake, were found a large number of flint and bone artifacts.
I could feel the succulent giving of flesh and bone under my blows, and for a moment I was free.
But, at only 40 years old, both Joseph and Myrna have survived cancer and bone marrow transplants.
When given bones and bone meal the difficulty speedily disappeared.
PolyP regulates blood clotting, inflammation and bone formation in humans, symbiotic interactions in plants and stress responses in bacteria.
It rustles up great performances, pitiless action, majestic scenery and bone dry humour, all with a melancholy soundtrack.
Rochester affirmed I was wearing him to skin and bone, and threatened awful vengeance for my present conduct at some period fast coming.
Far back went the brown, right hand and then forward, lightning-like, backed by the power of giant muscles and the weight of his brawn and bone.
Withered and wizen, they are reduced to skin and bone by sheer famine.
Signs that rheumatologists look for are morning stiffness in and around the joints, tissue swelling, bulgy knuckles, wrists or lumps of tissue under the skin and bone erosion.
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