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Each strum of the guitar trembles through the amplifier to turn feedback into magic.
This modified Wheatstone bridge is connected to a dual phase lock-in amplifier as shown above.
A hatch opened on the top of the ship, revealing a Mulinyan admiral, carrying the red and yellow flag and a voice amplifier.
An amplifier and a sampler convert the storage medium signal into a timed sample sequence.
Hearing aids are electronic devices made up of a microphone, an amplifier, a loudspeaker and a battery.
The auxiliary amplifier is provided within the circuit to increase the gain of the cascode amplifier and has an associated output.
The aim of the invention is to process higher maximum levels of the source signal and to suppress noises of the second amplifier.
Sometimes the surround sound processor and the amplifier are combined into a surround sound receiver, to save you a little bit of money.
They walk down in the rain to get close enough to hear me sing without the amplifier.
I mean, I only have to look at an amplifier or an effects pedal and it blows up.
She disappeared from a moment, then returned dragging a heavy amplifier, with a full-scale bass tucked under her arm.
The first sampling transistor is configured to sample the same RF input signal that is amplified by the amplifier transistor.
To amplify the signal, we use a transimpedance amplifier, which also converts the output current of the photodetector to a voltage.
When the amplifier is switched on, all the tuning-forks are magnetised, and become electro-magnets.
The speaker or singer uses a microphone feeding into the above-mentioned amplifier, which incorporates vacuum tubes.
There are a few laws of physics and other parameters that must be considered before adding an amplifier in series with a coaxial cable line.
The transistorized gravity-strain amplifier derives power from the gravitational field manipulation of positrons.
In order to provide stronger signals in both directions, a bidirectional amplifier is needed.
The line-level inputs are stereo, but either could be used if connected to a mono subwoofer output from a home theatre amplifier.
Still, this loss is tolerable, because the amplifier boosts the signal level enough to get it to the donor site.
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As Joe set his amplifier into position, he sent a flash of light from his electric torch full upon one of those gray beasts.
There was a power pack, consisting of batteries and a dynamotor, an amplifier, and a control panel.
Scarcely had he reached it when a series of dots and dashes roared from an amplifier.
He adjusted the sonar pickups, turned the amplifier to maximum, and listened intently.
In fact, by increasing plate and grid voltages in the amplifier, I can pretty nearly burn out a man's brain.
The human mind does not need an amplifier, as the radio receiving set does.
Radio waves are detected with an antenna, and a sound wave can be extracted with a demodulator, then sent to speakers courtesy of an amplifier.
That will mean a large effect in the plate circuit of the amplifier.
He walked to the amplifier and bent, fumbling with the door latch.
The voice, thin, flat and emotionless, came through a small amplifier.
Monolithic Power Systems is now shipping the MP7722, an ultra compact 2 x 20W Class D audio amplifier.
Rather, it acts as its own amplifier, once having received the thought.
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