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How to use along with in a sentence

Looking for sentences with "along with"? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
His feet were shuffling along with the rest of him, tapping out the beat on the cement floor.
There was an open-air teahouse with picnic tables and young Japanese girls in kimonos who brought dainty teacups along with two pots of tea.
She wrapped one of the loaves of bread she had baked that morning in some brown paper, along with a little salted meat.
Soup was ladled into it, and the next woman placed a piece of crusty bread on the side along with a browning apple.
Now this is one commodity along with female sanitary pads, that I have always thought should need no advertising.
All of this is stored in a little rucksack along with a tin of luncheon meat, pot of worms, a few other creepy crawlies and half a loaf of bread.
The good stock design and soft recoil pad, along with an all-up weight of around 8 pounds, kept recoil tolerable.
Their financial situation intervened however, and finally I was made redundant, along with two other employees.
Within two years there will be a tremendous matrix of data along with a rating system to support these kiosks.
The crystals are perched on quartz along with rosin-colored sphalerite showing the black tarnish reported by him.
In the 20th century, aircraft and motor vehicles came to the fore along with numerous allied industries.
Yes we could put a tractor beam on the mother ship and drag it along with us.
The light broth contained onions, red peppers and kidney beans, along with sliced olives and Parmesan to give it some extra interest.
There's a bank of six keyboards along with electronic drum kits, as well as guitars and amps and all the usual stuff.
In back, half the kids sing along with the radio raucously, and the other half start shouting to drown them out.
Moreno stood in the batter's box and watched the play along with the 19,517 fans in attendance.
He said this, along with the closure and demolition of the Hayfield last year, meant the Yardies had been forced to move elsewhere.
The bell rang and she swam along with the current of the students rushing for the door.
Beautiful golden cream tiles lay upon the floor along with some that were chocolate brown.
He had to be up at six in the morning and along with the other hired men tend to the cows, pigs, horses and clean out stables and cow sheds.
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