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That exercise provides no support at all for the idea that Heather is incapable of handling abstraction.
I'm all for due credit, but save the acknowledgements for your windy Grammy acceptance speech.
He told me that he saw no future at all for the club and that he was going to close us down in two weeks' time.
It almost sends a frisson of fear down one's spine as if it were all for real.
It just seems to make sense to take advantage of what's on offer at the moment and borrow it all for free.
Plato does not provide any consoling myth at all for the jumped-up dictator who claims to know what is best for the people.
The worst blow of all for the federalists is under this constitution the Union has no power to tax.
Now at this stage I was all for kipping on the floor of the family room, rather than leave my poor, unprotected wife in the hands of evil maternity ward goons.
However there is a bitter pill that must be recognized and accepted by all for a restructuring to be effective.
But the greatest sin of all for Francis is perhaps that of careerism, chiding those who honor people rather than God.
While visitors and guests enjoy a large variety of BBQ seafood, beautiful wahines and exciting kahunas put on a fabulous Polynesian dance Show, all for 500 baht per person.
If this is the acceptable face of chain restaurants then I am all for it.
Look, I'm all for people saving money and weatherizing their homes.
I believe that the time frame suggested in the bill in which claims should be completed suggests that we may compromise justness and fairness all for the sake of expediency.
But when push comes to shove, he sold out to preserve his place in the party, and all for a man whose campaign attacked his family to score political points only 4 years ago.
At a time when rural unemployment is high, weavers of fine khadi in Andhra Pradesh are turning away from traditional weaving and spinning, all for lack of proper support.
He thought that the pope and churchmen have no right or grounds at all for secular rule like having property, citing 2 Tim.
May we continue to work together and to share together all for the glory of God and for the good of man.
I don't remember his exact words, but the gist of it was that he wanted it all for nothing, as quickly as possible, without any effort.
In France, it is known perhaps above all for its role in Proust's In Search of Lost Time.
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He wears a turban and a beard like another, and is all for the sack practice, bismillah!
Im all for the chorus girland when I say chorus girl, I use the term generically.
He anathematised the lawyers and settlements, and delay, and was all for being married off-hand at the moment.
Tom continued to carry the air rifle, though plainly the weapon was all for show.
Well, I was averse from going myself, but Winnie was all for peace and forgiveness.
He would give up all for the dancing girl, and she should be his.
He appeared to have no aptitude at all for the business of soap making.
Jo doos beat all for goin ahead, but she don't stop to cal'k'late fust, and you never know where she's like to bring up.
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