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How to use alacrity in a sentence

Looking for sentences and phrases with the word alacrity? Here are some examples.

Sentence Examples
Although a friend of the King, my loathing of the overthrown politicians was such that I accepted with alacrity.
Among the latest batch of begging letters was a request to speak at Gordonstoun, which she has accepted with alacrity.
But then again, he did leave the helicopter with alacrity when we landed and the door was finally slid open.
It's a recipe for good decision-making in terms of the speed and alacrity with which you can make decisions, of course.
Dillingham pointed out that in certain cases the FAA has acted with alacrity.
He swung from laying on the charm to cold-eyed boorishness and rudeness with alarming alacrity.
Now that's what I call real thoughtfulness, and of course I accepted the suggestion with alacrity.
With their wings hidden away, they can race through burrows or scrub with the alacrity of shrews and mice.
It isn't that the British responded to the crisis with insufficient alacrity, or that they showed a want of resolve.
So the federal government responded with astonishing alacrity, great efficiency.
This is one divorce that conservatives should embrace with all alacrity and enthusiasm.
Meanwhile, I've gone through the archives with speed and alacrity, but still can't find the name of the hotel.
And after catching the vicar's eye once again, he relented and beckoned to him to come over and join them, which he did with alacrity.
One of the key facets of the game of basketball is the speed and alacrity of movement that players exhibit.
Although the cats eyed him mistrustfully, they popped out of the cramped cages with alacrity.
So it was with great anticipation and alacrity that G.H.S. Tramp Club enthusiasts sallied forth every third Saturday.
The game had opened up with such alacrity that something had to give and it did so just on half time but in the most conventional manner.
You become anxious, and this in turn causes you to become diffident, which consequently kills your body's alacrity.
They were being offered a regular and secure investment opportunity which they seized with alacrity.
The alacrity with which other countries took up the idea is remarkable.
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Examples from Classical Literature
Out of temper, Mathews sent for the discounter, and he appeared with alacrity.
He rose as before with alacrity, rung his bell in reply, and unstopped his needle.
And I am bound to say he obeyed that order with the most exemplary alacrity.
The captain moved among them, and his orders were obeyed, but not with alacrity.
He obeyed the summons with alacrity and gave the poor woman sound advice regarding the direction of the zemindary.
That force had been got together with an alacrity which has seldom been equalled.
Timothy consented with alacrity, seeming to feel the burden of his semi-attached state.
He laughed while narrating this part at the recollection of his polite alacrity.
With the utmost alacrity one big girl from a back bench came rushing to the schoolmistress' assistance.
With startled alacrity bong withdrew his trunk, but just in time to save it from being mangled.
He has had two large packets from Dr. cookson, who shows alacrity enough to do what is asked, and may turn up something.
And he escaped from pertinacious Mr. Dawson with some alacrity.
This personage had been exerting himself, with great alacrity, in driving all the flock of domestics to the other end of the verandah.
But Jacob showed as much alacrity in obeying as a wasp shows in leaving a sugar-basin.
The quadroon was following them with little quick steps, having assumed a fictitious animation and alacrity for the occasion.
More than two thousand raving savages broke from the forest at the signal, and threw themselves across the fatal plain with instinctive alacrity.
But at a sign from me he took off the embargo with alacrity.
As soon as the rope was tied, the Expedition moved forward with that alacrity which the thirst for vengeance usually inspires.
This conviction, though not entirely satisfactory, gave her pleasure, and she continued her letter with greater alacrity.
But, on his own part, he now saw no reason for a display of alacrity.
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