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The new system will improve service for agents and distributors and provide a platform to enhance sales-force effectiveness.
Parliament must have been aware of these methods and cannot have had in mind a process where abortifacient agents were administered by nurses.
Today, they form large deposits of white chalky material, which is mined for use in cleansers, paints, filtering agents, and abrasives.
We recently heard that absorbable hemostatic agents intended to be left in patients have been recalled by the US Food and Drug Administration.
Beyond the devices agents use to secure and conduct auctions, the problem is that many buyers allow emotion to warp their judgment.
The speaker's statement indicated that there was evidence that some members provided signed blank warrants to the travel agents.
When latex gloves are manufactured, chemicals, curing agents, and accelerators are added to give gloves these desired properties.
The Underground vanished deeper into the warren of tunnels beneath London, but without the support of the Sleeper agents.
From a product manufacturer's viewpoint, there continues to be a growing need to provide value-added services to agents.
Some mobile service agents will also provide you with a replacement mobile phone while yours is being repaired.
The role of the publisher could change markedly and perhaps be collapsed into that of the writers and their business managers and agents.
Thirty unarmed INS agents accompanied the flight, guarding the handcuffed deportees in shifts, standing in aircraft's aisles at every fifth row.
But instead of being applauded for a job well done, the agents are being accused of racial profiling.
As missionaries continued to exert their influence, other agents of change accelerated the acculturation of the tribe.
Collared peccaries, or javelinas, may be the agents most responsible for moving leguminous tree seeds back upstream.
I sent out 20 or 30 copies of the first three chapters to agents and I had six agents who wanted to represent me.
Is it not understood that this government has in the not-very-distant past sent out agents provocateurs?
Literary agents are queuing up to sign on young writers from such courses, she says.
And lord alone knows what it costs to wine and dine travel agents here, there and everywhere.
All nerve agents act by inhibiting the enzyme acetylcholinesterase, which breaks down the neurotransmitter acetylcholine.
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