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As soon as that is exposed to the light of day, the public will revolt against it.
I find it hard to understand the contrary position, but I would not argue against it.
They were up against it in this match too, conceding a goal after just 35 seconds of play.
Pulling the door shut behind her, she leaned against it, a light smile playing across her lips.
Danny looked up to see Cameron at the door, leaning back against it with an intent look in his eyes.
Adjust the seat so that the small of your back rests flush against it and your knees are in line with the pivot point of the pulley.
Little in this record was calculated to inspire enthusiasm among the electors of the Ulivo coalition, let alone those who had voted against it.
The coast line made a hairpin turn, and a jutting promontory of granite caught a small shingly beach against it.
He is for photography when it attacks the fetishism of the art object, but against it when it celebrates industrial production.
I'm against it, as an unnecessary and expensive excuse to infringe my civil liberties, but there are those for them and against.
Ducking his head, he rushes the door, letting loose a yell as he throws his body against it.
Lorna's pillow was still indented where her head had been, and he pressed the side of his face against it, breathing in the smell of her hair.
The character of the uncarved standing stone argues against it being ninth century or, indeed, commemorative.
I thought long and hard about putting photos in this blog, and eventually came down against it as a general working principle.
Its combativeness, its hostility to everything it perceives as a threat, works against it here.
Even with the collimation provided by a parabolic sending station, my gut feeling is that the physics is very much against it working.
Do you agree that anti-Semitism is a growing problem in Europe and what do you see as the best course of action against it?
He debated having a cup of coffee in the hotel coffee shop, but decided against it.
Ashen threw his hands in the air and then retired to a stone wall, leaning against it.
He neglects as well the rapid spread of secondary co-education in the 1970s and the backlash against it in some quarters in the last decade.
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Examples from Classical Literature
But whatever may be said against it, the claque is great and, in France at least, will prevail.
It's the only place in the city where one can be inoculated against it, so far as I know.
The young woman builds the ashes up into a cone like the summit of fujiyama and lays fresh glowing charcoal against it.
The Senator, however, was against it on conservancy grounds, and asked us what we thought of the population of Pisa.
Reform tickets make periodic sallies against it, crying economy, efficiency, and a business administration.
The sunset begins to burn red behind Magdalen Tower, all the towers and aery pinnacles rise blue yet distinct against it.
The glasslike water flowed right against it, its surface reaching up almost to the threshold.
On the whole, more may be said in favour of the genuineness of the Hippias than against it.
The vine is healthy and a very strong grower, but is self-sterile, which is against it as a market sort.
Here also the diffusibility of the salt was too powerful for the force brought against it.
The beating of the heart can be readily felt, heard, and often seen moving the chest wall as it strikes against it.
Six several attempts were made, at various times, to canonize Capistrano, but the fates were against it.
In a time of profound peace, the expedition of argal was directed against it.
I will confess that although probabilities are for it, appearances are against it.
Hence is the saying that syn is set against it, when anyone tries to deny ought.
Except with the shiites, who have never acknowledged it, there is no open rebellion against it.
No more money will be put up on this deal, so place a stop-loss order against it.
Oh, she had fought against it at first, but lately she had luxuriated in it.
Joan rather expected Flossie to be in favour of the war, and Madge against it.
But not long after there arose against it a tempestuous wind, called Euroclydon.
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