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In contrast, where the affix is a prefix, the dependent clause follows the independent clause.
Languages with dual markers have a different plural affix for sets of two than the affix for sets greater than two.
Of these, aggregate silk is an adhesive, and piriform silk is used to affix dragline silk to substrates.
In colloquial use, this affix may be appended to the inceptive copulas and to verbs as well, though this is considered uneducated.
The parameter of choosiness vs. promiscuity is crucial in differentiating the categories of word, affix, and clitic.
Federon puffed out his chest, delighted by the sudden attention, allowing his eyes to affix themselves to the neckline of Kendra's clinging top.
At any rate, in those halcyon days before computers, Frank would type and affix the daily diary to the notice board by 6.30 am at the latest.
In the case of morphological marking, a verbal affix is attached to the predicate or predicate complex.
Shema is contained in the mezuzah we affix to the doorpost of our home, and in the tefillin that we bind to our arm and head.
The list of available arms has been expanded with several additions plus the ability to affix bayonets to rifles.
I am enclosing the card on which the Post Office wanted me to affix the necessary stamps.
Each cable also includes an appropriate amount of clips and screws to properly affix the cables to the floor.
Finally, he agreed to sign and affix his fingerprint to the four-page confession the police had written for him.
It would be relatively easy for every community to affix geodetic coding on the signs as they are placed.
I affix a leather saddle to his hairy back and ride him into many righteous battles.
Until he can find a way to affix them more securely to his house, he says, they will remain stored in his garage.
The slightly modified handguards affix to the tube and the new sling swivel lives there too.
Adkins' solution was to affix his gas piston to the standard recoil spring plug.
Jack Taggart, is yelling at his son, Billy, to carefully affix all the scarecrows to their posts, while also accusing him of meddling with his equipment.
How does it work and how does it affix to your ankle or your wrist?
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Examples from Classical Literature
On the right is the pear-tree, to which later on we have to affix a captive pear.
I will not abide by the arbitrement of a Pope who has dared to affix a curse upon freedom.
There was only one secondary voice, the causative, formed by a special affix.
The Father of his Country did not affix his revered name to so palpable an absurdity.
If the Council insisted on passing it, he might affix his signature but advise the King to disallow it.
At the time of the census they threatened to kill the enumerator if he touched their huts to affix the census number.
Rosalie was in the study looking for a drawing pin wherewith to affix her illuminated card to the wall.
These are, however, reports to which I do not affix much credit.
It is very difficult to affix a date to any relic of that dim past.
Here, then, I affix the name by which is known all the surrounding region.
The feminine affix must in turn occur prior to the provision of a nominal termination.
The custom wine label will then be mailed directly to the consumer, ready to affix to the back of a bottle of Josh Cellars and gift to dad.
In the Palouse and Walla Walla languages the affix nan is changed into na.
He snatched a pen, and was about to affix his signature to the paper that lay on the table, when the Captain of Castle William placed his hand upon his shoulder.
You will betray your feelings improperly, if you are too conscious and too quick, and appear to affix more meaning, or even quite all the meaning which may be affixed to it.
Glue two small pink pom-poms on and affix a wiggly eye on each.
Further, a gold seal with the image of Peter, the protagonist in The Snowy Day, in his red snow suit is available to the publisher to affix to copies of the book.
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